August Summer Juju Raffle Basket

August Summer Juju Raffle Basket


This basket is valued over $300.00. The raffle will be chosen by video on my social media platforms on 8/30/2019. The entire list of contents are attached to the pictures in the listing.


  1. You may enter as many times as you want. The entry fee is reasonable and helps cover this huge basket as it will be delivered in 2 priority mail boxes.

  2. You must include your social media handles if you do not you will not be refunded and you will be disqualified.

  3. You may enter the raffle for someone else as a gift, but you still must enter your information with the raffle form attached.

  4. If you forget to fill out the form I will not be making any adjustments to your entry. So do not email me about this.

  5. All sales are full and final, no refunds or exchanges. Good luck!

  6. Follow your intuition before purchase. Thank you.

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