Custom Blended Oils

Custom Blended Oils

  1. Please make sure you are led by your intuition before purchase.

  2. All sales are full and final since this oil is custom made for you. I will channel what needs to be added to the oil as guided by Spirit & my ancestors. I call in your Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones. Please fill out the form completely!

  3. It is a protection oil first and foremost. Anything else added to this oil is what you need not what you want, under the direction of Spiriy.

  4. FYI: if I am led not to make that type of oil for you it is NOT because I don't want to, it is because you honestly don't need it and I will not go against Spirit & my ancestors.

  5. Remember I am channeling for you and it is your team that connects with my team and myself during this process.

YOU MUST LIST ALL ALLERGIES IN THE NOTES SECTION DURING CHECKOUT!!! I will be using certain oils, herbs, powders and crystals for you and you alone. I will also charge, bless and cleanse the oil as well prior to shipment under the watchful eye of my personal guides Archangel Metratron and Archangel Uriel. 

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