Healerite, Azeztulite, Satyaloka Azeztulite Pendant

Healerite, Azeztulite, Satyaloka Azeztulite Pendant


**All protection items are charged, blessed & cleansed! My bracelets

/key Chains are charged with my ancestors & will pop or mysteriously

break if Mal de Ojo /Evil Eye or spell work was thrown at the

wearer. It means it has caught the work & to warn you! At that

time you must get another or ask your team to guide you on to seek

spiritual advice.

 This basically has a powerful vibration, extra terrestrial origin and stimulates kundalini awakening. 

Wrapped in copper wire. One of my favorite combo's, I wear this myself.

Healerite is a Guardian Bonder talisman In the physical world they are excellent aids in protecting your loved ones, your possessions, and your physical security. They are very useful in protecting houses and homes, property, and valuables. If you have prized possessions you want to guard and protect, use a Guardian crystal. They are also useful for travelers and adventures to take with them on their travels as insurance against harm. They are useful for emergency workers, soldiers, sailors, and airmen in the performance of their dangerous duties.

Azeztulite is a high vibration mineral with a supportive positive energy that never needs cleansing or energizing. Azeztulite’s pure vibrations enable one to raise his own vibrations to a higher level aiding in spiritual evolution. This powerful high vibration stone provides for an amazing and intense shift. It is recommended that old patterns and behaviors be identified and released followed by emotional cleansing work before working with the energies of Azeztulite. Azeztulite provides for a protective spiraling energy that surrounds one’s soul essence and physical body at the same time. Azeztulite encourages physical ascension, raises kundalini energies and expands your consciousness. Azeztulite’s positive vibrations help one to connect and create interdimensional channels with others and spirit guides for information regarding major decisions and changes necessary for awakening and transformation. The vibration of Azeztulite brings many changes. Azeztulite enables those who are telepathic and inter-dimensional travelers to reclaim the knowledge of these practices. Azeztulite helps one to remember and to know who we really are and how we can aid in the awakening and transformation of ourselves, community, and planet. Azeztulite’s energies and pure light frequency help release shields and blocks which results in healing, rejuvenation and expansion. Azeztulite opens one’s vision to a greater scope of understanding and limitless possibilities.

Satyaloka Azeztulite crystals are from the Satyaloka area of southern India and have been gathered by the monks at the Satya Loka monastery for the purpose of spreading the energy of crystal enlightenment. It is believed that this energy is a quality of the mountains where they are found and that the stones are carrying and dispersing this energy throughout the world.
Satyaloka quartz vibrates with the frequency of pure White Light and carries one of the rarest energies of all the stones in the mineral kingdom. This is a holy stone, imbued with the energies of one of the Earth's relatively unknown sacred sites - the mountains surrounding the Satya Loka monastery. It is felt that this area is the crown chakra of the Earth. These stones resonate powerfully with the human crown chakra, and are of great assistance to us.
It is used Spiritual Awakening, Planetary Consciousness, Receiving Light and knowledge from the higher planes

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