Live in Love Webinar Recorded Event

Live in Love Webinar Recorded Event


4th event in the Webinar Series

Follow up to the Webinar Series: One, Two Combo Webinar; Intuitively You Webinar, Forgiveness Webinar but you do not need to have been a part of those to attend this webinar. The previous webinars have been recorded live and are available for purchase on the website to be watched at your leisure.

After your order please send an email with your order number.

Any device mobile phones, tablet, computers can be used to watch or hear the webinar. It was held on Saturday, August 3rd, 2019 at 12 pm EST. About 2 hours long! Make sure the email address on the order is correct. Check your spam & junk folders. You must register with the same email address that is on you order if not you will not be able to get access. You cannot share the link either, they are specifically generated for each individual participant. If your email gets forwarded with the registration link you will automatically be thrown out of the webinar. This was recorded and they will go out by the same email within 1-2 business days. The recording will be in a gmail drive format.

We discussed love, self love, loving yourself above all others, dealing with your other emotions as well, repressed emotions. This is a subject that a lot of my community is having a hard time with. After that question & answers!

Thank you and enjoy.

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