One Two, Combo Webinar Recorded Event

One Two, Combo Webinar Recorded Event


1st Event in the Webinar Series.

So after so many people asking me to do the one, two combo event online... it is happening!!!! Omg!! It’s at a discounted rate & after 3 in person events, my community wanted it to be accessible domestic and international. It was a live recording on May 25th 2019. It’s about 2.5 hours long but a lot of questions and laughing. We will be discussing prayer & meditation! If you don’t know what to get your family and friends for birthdays, anniversaries etc..,,this may be something you can give them as a gift instead!!! It was recorded on zoom and in HD heyyyyy 🤣#myPeopleAskAndTheyShallReceive 🍍🍍

Once purchased please send an email with your order number I will personally send you the link. All sales are full and final. Follow your intuition for all purchases.

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