Pink Dragon Spiritual Body Scrub 10 oz

Pink Dragon Spiritual Body Scrub 10 oz


***All my bath products remove all toxins and clear the negative energies and lower vibrations that deplete the body consistently. Under the direction of my ancestors.

It contains dragons blood oil (nut oil is included in this to create the dragons blood oil-Nut allergies beware) and pink himalayan salt. I have added addtional herbs on top of the scrub and some extra space so you can add your own power juju to it. In Hoodo there is a dual belief that dragons blood brings luck in, money and love as well as wards off evil. Pink Himalayan salt is used for protection in general & protection from evil, especially protection of the home. Salt is used for purification and dispelling negativity in many magical/traditional rituals/rites. It's used for extending clairvoyance. Salts are used to release attachments, including emotional attachments. It has gentle but strong grounding and centering energies. Salt is a mineral that is said to bring abundance and a rich home life. My personal favorite!!!

Made with Draco resin, coconut oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, crambe abussinica seed oil, essential oil rosemary leaf extract. Natural herbs dried holy hyssop, dried roses, lavender & Jasmine

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