Registered Legal Officiant for Ceremonial Services

Registered Legal Officiant for Ceremonial Services


Please send an email for pricing, it does depend on location and length of time for the ceremony. There is a base price for the 5 boroughs and outside of that is additional travel time and fees.

I am a registered legal officiant in NYC, NYS & in the USA to perform ceremonies for all marriages (according to the city, county, state & federal laws where you live) funerals & so much more. As you know I am all about Universal love. I serve all cultures, the ones that believe & do not believe in the spiritual, esoteric or scientific, we are all children of the same universe. I am open to work with people of all faiths, offering everyone the religious freedom to become the person that they need to be & practice your own individual beliefs. I have empowered myself to take control of m own spiritual life & try to do good in the world & my communities by being able to continue to serve in a more diverse & legal way.

For more information please send a detailed email. Thank you! V-

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