Resurrection Plant Rose of Jericho 1-3 inches

Resurrection Plant Rose of Jericho 1-3 inches


In hoodoo, conjure, and obeah the plant is often used as a prosperity charm. It promotes good business if placed in a place of work and happiness and abundance in the home when placed by the front entrance with a few coins added to the water. After you put the Resurrection plant in water, you simply place it near your door to draw in abundance. When you need a little prosperity, you asperge your house and/or yourself with the water in the bowl, or use the water as a floor or door wash. Since you need to replenish the water weekly for the plant or it will moldy and get slimy, this means you can perform weekly prosperity spells with ease.

You can also "wash" a grave with this water in order to receive messages from them through divination or dream.

**It is also thought if you wear the dried plant as an amulet it will promote a long and healthy life.

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