The One, Two Combo Event 2/23/19 in South Florida

The One, Two Combo Event 2/23/19 in South Florida


Spirit Session Series with Vida

Ticket purchase cut off date is 2/8/19 at 12am EST

Saturday 2/23/19 from 12pm - 5pm

Poinciana Country Club

Community Hall Room 2nd Fl

3536 Via Poinciana

Lake Worth, FL 33467.


Early Bird Prices for tickets effective 12/1/18-12/31/18, on 1/1/19 ticket prices will go up. Thank you for your support!

So let’s just talk about this, in this society that is so caught up with doing things in a spiritual way all of the sudden. I was pushed into doing this event by my ancestors, spirit guides and my Creator/Spirit Force. Believe me I was kicking and screaming saying I am not ready for an event but when Spirit says so they will make it so.

Time frame of the event:

Check in begins at 11:45am, no sooner than that you will have to wait until we are ready. You should print out your confirmation email, which has your name & order number to verify your purchase. Without it you will not be able to attend! So make sure you got this on hand!

Promptly at 12:00 pm , I will begin.

I will be getting into the basics of what prayer is, how to pray and the intentions behind those prayers. What prayer means to you, what it can do for you and how it will empower you. Even discuss the way I actually pray and how it can be so easy and simple in such a busy chaotic lifestyle.

I will discuss the beauty of meditation, of what it is, what it is NOT and what mainstream society says it is and the truth of that. I will discuss my simple meditation techniques and show you that you can meditate in minutes. P.S. The internet is not real!!

DISCUSSION AND QUESTIONS ON PRAYER AND MEDITATION. What is your prayer and meditation techniques?

Lunch break from 2-3pm EST. This will be a time when you can just relax and enjoy the companionship of others. Lunch is being offered at this event so please enjoy.

After lunch, I will discuss intuition. A fascinating but very touchy subject and how to hear it, feel it and just go with it!! We will even go deeper and into the EGO!!! I will reveal to you how I learned to trust my intuition at 100%.

Then I saved the best for last! Let’s discuss some basic psychic and spiritual abilities. This will be just scratching the surface with those of you think you have spiritual abilities and we will explain in how to tell the difference.

General Q & A comes in but usually Spirit decides to show up and surprise us all


Any questions please send an email.

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