Oreo & Spike

Oreo & Spike

The reason this page is here, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter I have 2 special need bully breed dogs. This year has been especially difficult on us and hundreds of my followers and clients decided to donate on their own to the hospital bill on our boys. Also donations have been sent to me for the private events and home visits I have done in the NYC and Tri State area or any spell work I have done on clients behalf. We are not asking but after numerous email requests, my family and I have decided to put this information up and to FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION IN SENDING ANY AND ALL DONATIONS! We are not asking to make that clear.

Spike is our 5 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is going blind, has skin allergies and has been fighting depression for the last 2 years. He has degenerating retinas and we did have him examined by an Ophthalmologist in Manhattan and told us we couldn’t do anything for him. He can see shadows and his retinas will not return the way used to be even with any medication or surgery. The cause they said is most likely due to inbreeding. Spike was a rescue off the streets of Brooklyn. He came to use at 3 months old and wouldn’t let us pet him and he arrived with a broken tail. He is amazing protector for the house and he gets irritated and depressed when he is constantly bumping into things. He is on prescription dog food for his skin issues as he tends to scratch himself until he bleeds. As I type this he is recovering from surgery at the vet’s office, we discovered a mass that was peculiar and it was removed today and being sent out to pathology to see what we are dealing with. Prayers that it is benign and normal.

Oreo is our 2.5 year old American Bully who has the most extensive of issues. He was born with a hole in his heart, heart murmur and basically allergic to everything. Not even kidding! He is allergic to all meat, including seafood, all grass, trees, pollen, flowers and weeds. It is so bad that we had to remove ALL the grass from our backyard and replace it with artificial grass for his well being. He would eat the grass and throw up and his stool was covered in blood. Which brings me to his other diagnosis, gastro intestinal issues and he was overdosed by his previous vet with Metronidazole Toxicity, where he lost all functions on his limbs on mothers day 2018. So once again another hospital visit. So he is on prescription food as well for the rest of his life and now is battling a skin disorder because we do have to walk him and we live an area where there is grass and trees and it does affect him losing patches of hair and excessive scratching.

So that’s it… if you would like to donate you can through two ways.

Again following your own Intuition..

For the dogs or any work I have done for you or the community…

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Paypal at paypal.me/ReadingsbyVida through Friends & Family only. If not they will charge a service fee for Goods & Services and expect shipping or tracking information.

Oreo & Spike

Oreo & Spike


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