I am not for everyone and everyone is not for me. I am not the typical practitioner. I do not resonate with some and do resonate with others. This is why you shouldn’t follow or believe anyone. Your intuition is your super power. - Vida


Good Evening Vida. This will be my first reading with you. I was introduced to you through the Morado Lens podcast, and have been following you on IG ever since. I purchased a Money Mojo envelope from you in February and am way overdue sending you a huge "THANK YOU!" for your work. The experience with the Money Mojo envelope has reminded me, again, to expand my thinking of abundance outside of money and material wealth. Even though, money has come exactly when I needed it since buying your envelope! I also bought a sage stick from you and smudge my home at least once a week with it. I've been wanting to get a reading with you for some time now, but ironically, I was stressing about money most of this year, and delayed it. I saw today that you only have 13 openings left for the rest of the year, and I was going to sleep on it and decide tomorrow, but something in me was like, "just book with her NOW. You know what you want to do." So here I am past midnight starting the process, and looking forward to working with you when the time is right. Thank you so much! MD, NY

Hi Vida, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for making the mojo envelopes they are truly AMAZING! I purchased the Prosperity, Abundance and Success envelope and let me tell you doors are beginning to open up for me. I had been feeling stagnant for a few months. Ever since I got your envelope I have seen things shift for me. So thank you soo much for all that you do! I always wanted to tell you that you came up in my dream Saturday night going into Sunday. In this dream I was hanging out with a friend and we saw you and you automatically came up to me and said Hi. I said hello and we just started talking as if we known each other for a long time. As we continue to have a conversation something happened where a “ misterio” ( spirit in Spanish) was among us and I felt a bit hesitant and ask “ who are you” but didn’t wait to hear the response and I just walked away to the bathroom. You soon after came up to get me and asked me “ what happened this misterio was here to communicate with you through me” I replied “ I got a little scared because I witnessed things like that when I was younger in DR” you then replied by saying I completely understand, it takes some time to get use to and understand why that happens. As the conversation continues you start to tell me that I needed to let go the two people that were causing me stress in my love life that there was something sooo much greater and better for me right around corner. I just need to learn how to let go what doesn’t serve me and I was going to see how everything in my life will begin to shift in alll areas. Yes I was going to go through the heartbreak but you expressed that it wouldn’t be for too long because this was something my inner self has be working on for a while. I just need to let go. After this dream vida honestly it was the angels answering my prayers. I truly believe that in my heart. As you mentioned in your live today, I should ask my divine team for clarification. If it’s purchasing a service with you or buying a product. Once again thank you for all that you do! The card of the day, your posts of motivation, how real you are! Thank you for being you! M.M.

Vida, Thank you soooo much for our house blessings last Saturday in astoria .
I really LOVED our straight forward conversations and very much appreciate all your honest advice and feedback .I m still laughing how “to the point “ you are and already took your advice to heart and feeling happier and “lighter”. Actually Our home all over felt much lighter after and I still feel the energy shifting still now .., in a good way and mixed way .
Did the fire energy cleaning on 1 renter floor as well this am .
Btw the leaves totally burned down on our floor after you left . It was crazy they were nearly off when you left and then suddenly started again w a big flame and smoke so we didn’t want to leave the house . :) Thank you again and till soon NH, Queens NY

Mama Vida, I’ve been sitting on this email since you sent it trying to think of how to express my gratitude! You are someone I value and appreciate so much, I trust and believe in you and know you are always looking out not only for me but for everyone you are in contact with! This message holds so much value! Thank you! For my birthday this year I am focusing on gratitudes and sharing my appreciation! I wanted to tell you how much I love and appreciate you! I firmly believe people, places and experiences happen for a reason! I am so happy I found one of your posts on the explore page way back in the day! Thank you for always being real with me and providing me with tools to be successful! You are one of one! EH, MA

PART 1- Vida, First, thank you for your words of encouragement. I have been purging my own pain and everything is hitting me. I stopped crying a few years ago, but I’m crying now. For everything, I kept bottled up and eventually closed my heart center.I wrote a letter to my previous acknowledging, in detail, how my actions hurt her and specifically what those actions were. It’s one thing to apologize but it’s another to be clear and let the other person know that you understand what it is that you did, when you did it and how you did it than just giving a non specific ‘sorry.’  I have not received that from her, it’s always been nonspecific, materialistic apologies. Whether she ever realizes it takes two or not, one will never know. I’m still working on this and it’s hard when you’ve been villainized, and no one knows the depth of why I ran for my life with no shoes. People don’t do that for just any reason. I did not have any intentions of doing this, but I was sitting in front of my altar, in some other space and “Write an Apology,” came up clear as day. So, I did. I am addressing my own pain and hers and the loss of what I thought was my future. Myself, as my own enigma, as I have only had emotional relationships with women, but have recently begun to experience men. My life is changing.Thank you again for your encouragement and support. I don’t really feel like I have been heard until now. 

PART 2-Vida, There aren't enough thank you's. I have not met you, yet you have been instrumental in my spiritual journey. IS, NJ

Vida, I honestly cannot put into words how grateful I am for yesterday's session, so here is my best attempt. At the end of our session, you apologized for the wait, but Spirit knows what they're doing because yesterday's session could not have been better timing. For the past few months, I have been working on being more self-aware, so a few months ago, I would not have actually HEARD and UNDERSTOOD the message. Thank you for being so transparent and forward, for not holding anything back. This afternoon, I received a text message, somewhat of an apology, exactly 26 hours after my session with you. It wasn't the apology I would have liked, but I put my phone down, I collected myself, and politely accepted the apology. I promise you, that's not how I would have handled that if it weren't for your advice. But how crazy is that?!?! 26 freakin' hours later --heard you Spirit!! Vida, thank you for sharing things you didn't have to, I didn't comment on certain things you said because I would not have been able to control the breakdown that would have come from it. But you mentioned your suicide attempts, and though I have never tried to harm myself, I often question my purpose and importance in this world and if I should be here anymore. You reminded me that no one is going to answer that for me, that I AM IMPORTANT and I have to believe that before anyone else does. I woke up this morning, I prayed, I blasted music and sang (meditated), and did my homework and one of the three things I woke up grateful for were your words to me yesterday. I know there is no doubt in your mind that you are amazing at what you do, but allow me to remind you of it again. Sooo grateful, thank you! I look forward to another reading with you. TR, Queens NY

I would like to start off by expressing gratitude to your divine team as well as mine for the message that was given today. 5 nights ago, I had a very vivid dream. Though this is not usually uncommon for this is the way spirit speaks to me, the dream was based in the ocean/ sea. Bright blue. No land in sight. Just a very long, colorful, horizontal float and a CROCODILE. It was as though I was watching myself get swept away in the tides with the crocodile. Your live this morning gave more insight and awareness into the message I received from my dream that night. Much needed. I have asked my divine team if I should book a reading with you as I feel I need more insight in a certain area. I feel as though my team was telling me YOU are the one to book with as our divine teams worked hand in hand today. I will continue to pray about this until I have the ability to book. JB

Good morning,First off thank you and thank you Spirit, for allowing Mama Vida to do this work. I didn’t reply sooner because I wasn’t open to receiving the message from my candle - I didn't understand it. I thought for sure Spirit was not hearing me cause I was doing the work. I just watched the live for Card of The Day, on IG “Coming to Life” and Lorrrrrrrrt! It opened my heart up and I see it now. I micro manage spirit because I am impatient, I don’t show up for myself fully. Which then ripples that effect towards my family/my community. I do not serve whole heartedly. I do so I can say I did it. I have a hard time accepting love and showing myself compassion. I am working on shedding those old thought patterns in therapy. I will be booking a 30min session when I put the time and effort in to save for it. Your website is like Christmas Morning to a small child. But I know now I have to do my spiritual work to be able to fully receive the gift. Thank you! MA, CA

I saw a post after watching your live last night that confirmed everything you were saying after pulling the daily card. That message resonated with me so deeply. I will be joining you on the 19th for the ancestor connection webinar!!! Its been something that I have been praying about. Your card pull yesterday put a lot into perspective. I got up for the first time in months and prayed and meditated before I did anything else. Thank you for being a channel and sharing these messages!!! GG, Alfred Station NY

Hi, I hope that you begin to feel better. Saw the live today and I’m grateful for you and your honesty. I would like a healing candle for myself. I set an intention last night to see what I needed to purchase from you and indeed I remembered the smallest details from my dream which was pretty cool. I got goosebumps when you started talking about Lucifer in your live today. I bought the transformation pendant on Friday and haven’t wore it yet but the changes ensue. There was an incident at work on friday where a girl threw a drink at a guy and it hit me. The girl, her friend and I were counting our bag to split and she was talking about the incident to her friend, so I told her she hit me. She then started verbally coming after me loud as fuck in a room full of people and I let out the craziest and loudest laugh I’ve ever heard from myself so I didn’t punch her in her face. I took it as a hint to take some time off which I transition from one job to another. I finished meditating right before I saw your live open and you just hit on so many points where I need to boss up on myself. I didn’t want to ask for help because it’s ego I should be able to figure it by myself because that’s how I’ve had to do it, but honestly I have to admit I can’t right now. Thank you for being you and a source of laughter for me today among the bullshit. AH, DC

Thanks you so much for the prompt reply. You are absolutely right and I tend to trust all instead of myself. Which is nuts because I'm a sentient, and have a keen intuition that I forget to slow down enough to use....I'm a bit vintage so the web stuff is difficult. I'm just getting my instagram skills up. Lol :) I'm going to stay practicing the practice and marinate on what I desire. Also. I wanted to validate so many things you said during the class , that hit me in the soul. So many affirmations and authors that I resonate with..... and go too so often. Sending you love and light from me and my team, thanks for reminding me I have one. R.M., NY, NY

Hi Vida, Something told me to look at that the cards drawn on my reading back in April and it felt like validation for the decision I had made to quit my job with no plan. I was very unhappy dealing with issues with my coworkers, the toxic environment and knowing deep down this is not the career path for me. I would not want to come to work, I couldn't sleep, I nearly cried at my desk several times and it had only been 7 months. I had been talking about quitting for some time but never felt that I was ready because I was upset. I took your advise and prayed, meditated, and followed my intuition; I saw the clearest image and knew that I would be okay if I quite. I have had a job or 2 since I was 18 years old, I'm 26 now and I am scared/ nervous about what is to come.I am supposed to be making strides in my career, but considering that I've hopped around 3x in 3 years, I think I need to sit down with myself and see what I really want. The card drawn for me that eased my nervousness was "Yes -- Your intuition is correct. take action accordingly" and I did; this time for me and not because of what is expected of me from my family.I have faith that I will figure this out. Thank you again ! These cards, spirit, myself are still surprising even after our reading. K.T., Yonkers NY

So let me tell you all something. Vida dont play.
She's not the advisor to be like "mira you need this because you have brujeria being done on you"or the one to sugar coat shit. When you get a reading with her, what she says can have you boohoo crying. But she will look at at you with a straight face like "alright koo you done? K. Now pull up your big girl/boy chonis and handle yo shit. She calls you out on your shit. Now for some hard headed folks like us, it may take us a while to remain consistent with the messages she sends us. But trust and believe there will be something to take out of the reading and learn from it. Build from that .She is giving you tools to empower us. Changing us to become better people on step at a time. So we can help ourselves and then one another. I love you Vida. JSR, Torrance, CA

I know I have been quiet, since we last spoke, which was for my reading. I have been working on a lot of the things we discussed during the reading, especially on my relationship, and shielding my energy so that others do not drain me anymore. I also have been working with my husband, as I know spirit came through with messages for us both. I can't even express how much emotions have been released on his part, when it comes to his past, and how much opening up is helping him, and us, because his energy has changed so much. In him opening up, so have I. I just got to listen to your webinar, Live in Love (every time I have tried previously something came up and interrupted me, which I knew meant it was not the time), and as much work as I have been putting into us, I have been taking time to focus on me. I can finally say that I am who I am, and I love who I am, and I deserve the love I receive, and I finally can say I am worthy of the love I receive because I always had doubts of receiving love, that I was not worthy of it. I still have a way to go, and so does he, but between our date nights, and our conversations, our bond has grown and our relationship has as well. I still need to work on a lot more for me, will be ordering the banos for him, as for me I feel I need more, but will contact you about that. I thank you for your guidance, for your love, but most of all for being you and not holding back. I have so much more to learn, and more to grow, but thanks to you I am not where I want to be, but I am a better woman than I was. Love you Mama. L.C., Brooklyn NY

Good Morning! I want to first thank you for taking the time to do my candle reading even though you say it’s your job; the fact that you take the time to help everyone that comes your way as best you can is highly appreciated. I want share with you that I have been connecting with myself and my Divine Team. I have also decided to move forward with a reading I will be going thru your website in the next couple of days; as soon as I feel calm and extremely collected. I understand most of the time you need to be in connection with yourself and team for a peaceful and accurate reading.I want to thank you again for you honest advice on spiritual advisors; it’s one of the main reasons aside from your spirit and honesty that I have decide the best thing for me right now is to move forward with you. Hope you have a beautiful and blessed day! Look forward to working with you soon, C.H, Mineola NY

Hi Vida, I wanted to let you know I’m so appreciative of those webinars because I know I’m putting myself first. I went to work for the first time since April and I followed my intuition despite everyone telling me to partner up and it worked out! I’ve dancing for 6 years but I felt so different in my energetic presence among the crowd and on stage.I even started to have some talks with my partner about his daughter and his family. I can tell he is releasing from going to the gym last week, which is a confirmation from our reading that he needed to go through it first to avert a potential landslide. Yesterday I took a baño then dreamt of taking two baños which is also a confirmation from our reading that my dreams and visions would serve as a source of information.I’m so grateful for you and all you do. I saw your post on Instagram and wanted to reach out because I really felt that performing on stage despite my scars.


Hi Vida!I know you've been telling me not to put so much pressure on myself and to already see how much I've changed and it's true. Once I started realizing all the little things I've changed to be the woman I need to be for my future, I started to move different and I got his stubborn ass into the gym! As if we didn't know that you were right, I was blessed enough to hear him say with my own ears how he's going to go back to the gym because he sees how out of shape he is after his first workout. GIRL I STARTED TO CACKLE IN MY HEAD. I know he was focused on himself, but him seeing me work out alone in my own element then how other people engage with me I could tell had him thinking about how he has been treating me.This is my first moon cycle in over a year where I haven't thrown up or lost my ability to function. I cried so much yesterday in being so happy that all my senses are intact and I can continue to enjoy eating without fear. This alone just for myself is so gratifying because I've been battling this alone since I was 10 years old. My parents and doctors said I was just being dramatic and attention seeking, so I used to have to go to school and deal with it until I blacked out or started throwing up. I secretly started birth control at 14 because I couldn’t take it anymore and struggled with those symptoms until my early twenties. I can't explain how much time or money I would at any point, would have been willing to pay to improve my quality of life and have these parts of myself and my life back. I'm so grateful to you and your loved ones for all you do and offer, publicly and privately. A.H., Oakton, VA

Madrina, Thank you so very much for my Auralite 23!!! 😭😭😭 it’s beautiful 😍 Not to mention, I just received it yesterday and have it tucked in my bra. I already feel the difference. I work in retail, 99.9% of the time I’m a total introvert! I make some to NO eye contact. Today it was like i someone turned me inside out! I was even told to never stop smiling, no matter what life throws at me. Thank you for all my goodies they are very greatly appreciated. Like always you are the real MVP madrina, the light i needed in my life. Bendiciones! D.B., Buena Park, CA

Hello Vida, the package arrived today and I'm so happy about it!! I even did a little happy dance 🤣 Thank you for the Desert Rose!! I immediately looked it up on your page and what a surprise - it fits perfectly. Thank you sooo much
much love and healing to you (really hope your injury is getting better quickly) F.B., Germany

Hi Vida! I know you've been telling me not to put so much pressure on myself and to already see how much I've changed and it's true. Once I started realizing all the little things I've changed to be the woman I need to be for my future, I started to move different and I got his stubborn ass into the gym! As if we didn't know that you were right, I was blessed enough to hear him say with my own ears how he's going to go back to the gym because he sees how out of shape he is after his first workout. GIRL I STARTED TO CACKLE IN MY HEAD. I know he was focused on himself, but him seeing me work out alone in my own element then how other people engage with me I could tell had him thinking about how he has been treating me.This is my first moon cycle in over a year where I haven't thrown up or lost my ability to function. I cried so much yesterday in being so happy that all my senses are intact and I can continue to enjoy eating without fear. This alone just for myself is so gratifying because I've been battling this alone since I was 10 years old. My parents and doctors said I was just being dramatic and attention seeking, so I used to have to go to school and deal with it until I blacked out or started throwing up. I secretly started birth control at 14 because I couldn’t take it anymore and struggled with those symptoms until my early twenties. I can't explain how much time or money I would at any point, would have been willing to pay to improve my quality of life and have these parts of myself and my life back. I'm so grateful to you and your loved ones for all you do and offer, publicly and privately. Keeping you and your shoulder in my prayers. A.H., Oakton, VA

Because of you I FINALLY went and got an official eval on my shoulder after 5 years! And now I can treat it on my own. Thank you for inspiring me to do that physical work too because lord knows sometimes I push that shit aside. I love you. B.H., Cleveland, OH

Part 1:Good Afternoon Vida, I came home and my love Bano has arrived! Thank you for the fast shipping. Your updates are really starting to open my eyes a lot more. Praying is not a strength that I have and it is something that I need to work on, I just don't know how. Meditating, I try to shut my eyes in the shower, and take deep breaths but I still feel some stress on me when doing so. You are right about talking does not mean anything action does! I do want to focus on me first and it is time for a change. I just have to start within myself. I just purchased your One Two, Combo Webinar to help me with prayer, and medication. Hope you have a good day, and thanks for the update. can’t thank you enough!

Part 2: I just got your email and just finished the first half of the one two combo webinar. Your really help me understand what prayer is and how to pray. I just prayed and I can even feel my whole mood is different! Thank you for your candle reading. I do understand the message and your right. Action speak Louder than words. I will pray for him but of-course after I pray for myself and take care of myself first. I look forward to going to one of your event one day to meet you. May you have a blessed weekend with your love ones. S.R., Bethlehem, PA

I felt it in my heart this rising to express my gratitude for you ! The information you shared with me through our mentor sessions has helped me so much! And day by day I am integrating the things you’ve taught me in order to heal and connect with my team.You give so much of yourself to everyone else even when your team kicks your butt for it (they be trying to sit you down to relax mama Vida!!!!) lol. And I just want to say thank you! I’m not sure you hear it enough but thank you!! Thank you ! Thank you!I know the cards of the day take so much energy and I’m sure going live and doing collective readings take loads of energy as well as your schedules sessions you have with your supporters and I’m just here to say thank you for your dedication to all of us. I hope you have a speedy recovery and are able to receive the help that you need for your shoulder! A.A., Camden NJ

Vida,I just wanted to express to you how grateful I am to have found you along this journey of mine. After today's webinar I laid down and reflected on your words and allowed everything to soak in and as my body started to relax that's when 3 HUGE revelations slammed into me like a damn wave. No shit, I had a real HOLY SHIT moment.It came from your statement "It's not your fault" and no matter how many times I have told that to myself over the past three years. The reason I couldn't believe it or for better words HEAR IT was because of the whispers of that's of my oldest daughter and my ex and his family saying, " it's her fault, she brought it on herself. She must have done something to cause the end of another marriage."I always felt defeated and believed their words over my own. But that changed when I finally heard my voice over theirs, shouting "I didn't cause the rape. I didn't give my husband permission to rape me. It's not my fucking fault."From there things just started to reveal themselves it was such a profound moment. I knew there was a reason I kept seeing this webinar this past week and I'm so happy that I listened. Your words have always brought clarity in one way or another.Thank you again, J.C., Papillion, NE

Thank you so much, Vida. She will be out of the hospital hopefully by Monday. Today, she was moved from the ER to a private room in the hospital. She has an aide who is really sweet that will be staying with her 24 hours now and will be monitoring her. I am hoping that will calm things down. I will relay the message to my dad and we will try to surround her with some good energy. I am very grateful she is pushing through. Thank you, again. Thank you for always helping me keep my head up and reminding me to have faith. Love you very much <3 M.P., NYC, NY

Hi Vida, Yes I am. I read them over and over again throughout my day because this has been soooooo insightful for me. I just wasn’t sure if I should reply everyday so I was waiting till the end to reply in a sum. It’s so powerful to me that you used brushing teeth as a metaphor because one of my goals is to brush my teeth day and night which is directly tied to my past and holding on to how I use to present myself to the outside world as a teenager. It is true, I hold on to EVERYTHING from my past and blame myself and others over and over again trying to figure out what happened so that I don’t end up where I was two years ago. The truth is, I feel like I am in the same exact spot that I was two years ago in terms of my spirituality and intuition and have wasted too much time thinking unintentionally or without healing. Whenever I’ve felt overwhelmed or conflicted in the last few days, I read over your emails.Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots and lots of love and healing. J.C. Miami, FL

Hi, Vida. St. Barbara church here in D.R. was thinking you. Very grateful for god putting you in my life. Grateful for your fertility candle just one week for my grand baby to be born. After trying for so long. Thank you. N.I., Brooklyn NY

Celtic Ancestors, after our reading, I have been following what Spirit shared with you during my reading and I just wanted to let you know Im planning a trip to Scotland and Ireland next year. Im going to do an authentic experience not tourist, not sure how I will pay but I know Im meant to go— its been calling me for so long.Thank you, hugs 🤗 ♥️ L.A., Austin TX

Vida, Thank you so much for this service. Every single message from this candle reading was so spot on and has provided me with the clarity I was seeking, as well as informed me of the work I must continue to do for myself. I look forward to my Skype reading in September.PS. Who you are and the work you do is deeply appreciated always. D.V., Bronx NY

Good morning! I hope this email finds you in good health (I know i drained the shit out of you yesterday! Sorry!!!)I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you do. Last night was the first night in a very long time that I actually slept and got some rest. I didn't even hear when my phone went off 9 times with work issues. Sorry not sorry!I woke up this morning and looked at my mother and wished her a good morning and a good day at work. I swear she looked at me like there was a stranger standing in front of her! I am determined to take back control over MY household and not allow her (or anyone else's negative energy for that matter) to effect me let alone INFECT me! I greatly appreciate all you have done within these past few months even if you don't even realize it. You are absolutely amazing and I pray for an abundance of blessings to flow over your life as well as your family's lives. Sincerely, C.C. Jamaica NY

Subject: Thank you!-Again!

Message: Hi Vida!
Hope you are starting to feel better and getting enough rest during your recovery. I wanted to take some time to share some news with you! I emailed you, late May about my Mojo orders. I had ordered the Road Opener Mojo envelope and told you the same I ordered, I got a call for an interview. Well that one interview did not work out! But.. I did get a call for another interview at a location I was really wanting! I got the call a Wednesday afternoon, showed up to my interview Thursday morning, and got offered the job right then & there. I am so excited for this new job and the positive changes it will bring to my life. To top it all off.. I got a new car! i had the same car for almost 10 years now and the poor thing started to act up, the AC stopped working and so on. So we went to a dealership just to get info on possibly getting a car, and we left with the car of my dreams!! So, I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for helping us live our best spiritual life! Thank you for being who you are! May you be blessed always!

Gracias, M.C., Houston, TX

Thank you for the reading, it was validation of many things. I did the offering to Gaia before a cleansing ritual and the power I felt after being in the soil and with trees was very powerful. Thank you so much for the encouragement and guidance, I feel blessed to “fuck with you” ♥️♥️♥️ Hugs. L.A., Austin TX

I did also want to say that since our reading, only a month ago, so much has changed for me. There was only one day that I missed my morning prayer and felt hella off all day. Thank you so much for everything. Our reading gives me more and more every time I go back to it. 
Looking forward to hearing from you! M.M., San Francisco, CA

Subject: Thank you!

Message: I just want to say thank you! I received my purchase today and I felt all the goodness! As soon as I open the package, the amazing , beautiful smells put my soul at ease. :) I really appreciate it! M.H. Los Angeles, CA

Hi Vida,
Hope you’re feeling better! I just got my package today and I just wanted to say thank you so much for the rose bath bombs. They smell so good I can’t wait to use them! I just want to say thank you again too for the reading. Everything you said resonated with me so much. I have to say, even just in the couple of days since I talked to you, things have been so much better. I will definitely be booking an unlimited in the future! You truly are phenomenal! Keep up the awesome work!!! S.R., Goshen, OH

😘😘😘😘 just wanted to say hi and that I hope you are feeling better. I love you, truly I do, for how you give yourself and your energy to the community. I’m glad I met you and I am so happy to be on this hard ass road of growth. But it feels good to evolve. Xoxoxo, say hi to the fam, Y.G., Bronx, NY

Sweet Vida, you lit a candle for me for a new job I was applying for. It was lit for financial success. Not only did I get the job but they gave me a raise!!! I’m speechless! Thank you so much! ❤️ Love, N.B, Houston TX

Hi Vida, Your final recap of the candle burning is very resonant with me. In reflecting on WHY I have been unhappy in my chosen career, it has primarily been tied to the people I was around. It was a great career at first but then I could no longer tolerate the people I was around, as they were all anxious and unhappy and it was making me feel the same. It made me too narrow focused on what defines a "good career" instead of what makes a good career for ME. And you are right - I need to be better about protecting myself and my space as I can be easily sucked into what others are feeling and projecting. This week I had 3 potential job leads pop up but every single one fizzled out, making me wonder if I am just done with that chapter. I'm still unclear as to what spirit is asking me to do next, but I am continuing to take time to pray/meditate/communicate with my team, and am trying to listen to my intuition more.
THANK YOU again, Vida. Some of these insights I already knew on a gut level, sometimes it just helps to hear someone else say it for validation. It's tough to see past your own convictions I suppose. I really appreciate your time and the insights that spirit has provided!! Hope you have a lovely weekend. A.S., Westerville, OH

Thank you for being a constant guide in my life, Vida...
For kicking my ass when my ego needed it, being gentle when I was vulnerable, and always putting me straight.Everything with my job worked out in the sense that I was able to walk away with some dignity. They acknowledged all the contributions I've made in the school/community (volunteering), and encouraged me to continue... and I've personally accepted any wrong, and have held myself acceptable I've decided it is going to be a summer of facing more inner child issues, including my anger, triggers, forgiveness, and have made an appt with my therapist. Clearly I have shit I need to deal with.I have been meditating daily, prayers go without saying, and I'm listening. You were in one of my meditations this past week (you were preparing me and tattooed me), and it reflected one of the lives you had last week on IG (Hunter/Wise Woman cards). Mind blowing synchronicity!.I truly needed to hear the messages!.
Thank you again Mama. You've really guided me so much, you're always an inspiration and I can never thank you enough for holding space for me.Words cannot Express the respect and love I have for you ❤❤❤ Forever grateful,T.K. Canada

Good morning Vida
This morning as I was looking through my phone talking negatively I heard a voice as clear as day calling me by name. Funny thing is I was alone. Maybe it was a sign to stop talking shit lol! Then as I get into to work I see my road opener envelope on my desk! I can’t wait to burn and see what’s coming ahead. Good thoughts only!!Thank you, Have an awesome day, L.R, Jersey City, NJ

Hi Vida! I just opened my road opener mojo envelope and I’m going to thank you in advance for the blessings that are coming my way. As soon as I opened the plastic envelope I got chills and teared up. I thought people were exaggerating when they’d say they got these feelings with certain spiritual products, but man... this was intense! Thank you for all of the work you do to help us all live our best lives and for all of the love you put into everything. It is definitely felt. Have a blessed and happy weekend ❤️ S.P, North Bergen, NJ

I just need you to know how much I love you... Your guidance and mentorship sticks with me daily. You are such a blessing and I am jus so thankful for you. So much has happened since our first few sessions, and I was sinking + all over the place trying to act like I wasn’t. You called me on my shit and served as an awakening away from the oppression I had bought into. I am infinitely grateful to you MamaVida Love you to life for life! Ok... mushy email over. E.D.C., Albuquerque, NM

Good morning Vida☀️, Thank you for that. I’m not sure if this influences the flame overall but I am leaving a long term relationship- going through it as I’m doing all this work stuff. I am extremely emotional, fragile and fighting back tears throughout the day. I am struggling. The success and the drive for it is not for the sake of success alone, my personal life has left my financial life in not the best shape so I am fighting for this to move forward and get my life back together. Promotions are later this year. This may not have anything to do with the flame but this is where my emotions are right now. I was walking through the woods over the weekend and looked down to find a huge white/grayish feather with a very thick quill and it was perfect. I know I am not alone. Thank you, Vida. You have no idea how you are influencing my life. I look for your posts and messages and they mean a lot of to me.

Part 2 Follow up after candle reading: Vida,Thank you so much. It so happens that today l received news that the project was very well received and my work is just about complete. I will be moving on to other projects soon. I am sending hugs and will most definitely be in touch.God bless you and your family. I.S., NJ

Hi Vida, Hope you and your family are doing well! I've been recently going through issues at work with co workers saying things about me when I mind my business and just do my job. I'm new, I've been at this company for 4 months and I don't know how I became a target for these comments. Those that are making them discussed the issue with my manager, and all though my manager said as long as my work is not suffering there should be no issues, I sill feel like I'm being harassed..Thinking all these events over, I realized that I don't stand up for myself. I brush off those situations as I don't have time for them or I try to avoid conflict all together, But, as I was thinking of all this, our reading came into mind that I still hold on to things from my childhood. My father used to tell me crying is for the weak and I realized that is why i avoid conflict. I'm afraid I will cry during an argument and I don't want to appear weak. But, I'm only hurting myself by doing that.and not dealing with my emotions or standing up for myself. I need to respect myself enough to speak up so others don't walk all over me. Thank you for my reading a couple of months ago; I didn't think yours and spirits words would come through months later ! K.T., Yonkers NY

Hi Vida!!! Just wanted to let you know things have been flowing really well. Saying my protections, prayers and gratitude! Enjoying my forms of meditation.Also, just got some life changing amazing news, I landed that job I’ve been interviewing for this past month. That along with my jewelry line is all coming along as I learn to practice patience more.Thank you again for all that you do and share. E.M., HI

Hi. So I’m just go with the flow when it comes to this egg freezing. I didn’t know my calendar to do anything but... my bloodwork said I should be producing 5-10 eggs per month. I did the fertility bath. And had an ultrasound today... 15! The doctor was like where you been hiding all them eggs? Lol 🤷🏿‍♀️
I’ve just been trying to have faith and trust the process. Also do I need another bath or are my ovaries supposed to keep this same energy? Lol
Also thank you... you’re such a blessing to know and have in my corner.  D.D., New Orleans, LA

Good morning Vida! I can absolutely confirm what you have said about my being too "one sided" with my thinking, and when I look objectively at my situation I can see how I have been trying too hard on the physical/mental aspect and not putting enough effort into the prayer/meditation/following my intuition aspect. I appreciate the insight that Spirit has provided me in that I need to tap into my spiritual inner guidance and start communicating with them better! I used to talk out loud to my team a lot during the day but was never sure they were hearing me, so I will do a better job at making space to communicate with them again.I do pray and meditate, but reflecting now I think that I pray and meditate for specific jobs, when really I would be better served to ask for the feeling or result that I want from those jobs (eg, financial security, creative freedom, etc) and stop being so rigid with the way in which I get those results. I do get intuitive hits on what to do, but get frustrated when the logical side of my mind tells me how impractical those actions are, as I am so focused on making sure that I have "proven, logical, and actionable" ideas. (For example - in my personal life, I really enjoy working with plants & plant energetics, but I am in no way "trained" to do so. Every hit I get to work with the plant world is strong, but I get so derailed by my logical side).I am interpreting this as my lesson in learning to balance what goes on between my HEAD and my HEART. That lesson has come up for me time and time again throughout my life, thank you for the reminder to focus on that. I am mentally and physically exhausted from trying to force what might not be in my best interest, so I am thankful for a new perspective.(Two days after the candle was lit, I did get a phone call from a recruiter for a job that seemed like it had potential, but then no follow up once I sent my resume and portfolio. Perhaps that was my answer that was my petition being granted that was short lived.) Thank you again for your services and your time, Vida! I will keep praying/meditating and reflecting on the insights that you have shared with me :) A.B., Westerville, OH

I really do appreciate this opportunity to work with you and with Spirit.


Good Morning Vida, I have read the emails and have been working on my self love, self care. Like always spirits are always dead on....  I will continue to work on loving myself as a whole... Thank you. E.B.,Hamilton City, CA

Holly molly! You told me I needed to stop trying to control and worry and to follow my intuition and that’s all I’ve been doing and it has been absolutely amazing! About the guy I was asking about who you said was a past life connection and it’s been clear we have a connection in this life but our paths have never completely crossed. Well I never felt the need or desire to text him or try to hangout other then when we run into each other and after our reading there have been obvious signs that we can rekindle and our paths can cross. All of a sudden I was writing in my journal and I had a very strong urge to text him and ask to start things over( since we were both partying and maybe saying/doing things that weren’t ourselves) and grab a drink or something. I have never done this before and without thinking to hard (just quieting my brain and making sure I heard this right and this is actually what my intuition wants me to do) I did it!!!! I trust completely in the outcome and know that this is a step in the right direction for me! Thank you for my reading again it’s only almost been a week and I feel like I’m back on my path and ready to dive deeper into finding myself. R.K, Portland, OR

Hi Vida!I received your envelope a few weeks ago and watching your live today I remembered to email you to tell you how it’s worked for me!When I got it in the mail, I actually waited a day to open it so I could open it in and automatically introduce it to my altar. I was then called to just open it once I got home. I felt the magic right away and was excited. I was tired that night so I fell asleep having left it in the package it was mailed in. The next day I woke up early to go to Target and found $20 on the floor. I could feel even though I hadn’t introduced it to my altar yet, the envelope was already working. I felt that very strongly.That same night, I did my own ceremony introducing the envelope to my altar with the intention of integrating your magic with mine so it may work well living in my wallet.
Well, I felt your ancestors come in to communicate with my team right away. I even was told after my ceremony to leave and let them talk. I could overhear my team discussing to your team how I am learning very specific lessons around money so while y’all are there to help me be abundant, I also must learn these very specific lessons.I definitely still had my trials and tribulations with money. It’s been rough but I know these are tests so I haven’t given up. Long story short (without the craziness of mentioning these rigorous tests) I was blessed last minute 3 days before my trip $888 to pay for my plane ticket to XXXXX. I am excited to see what else comes next but for sure now I want to thank you and your team respecting my path but also showing up when I needed it to remind me that I am abundant in all. Really just thank you for your work and your magic ♥️✨🌈 Sincerely, J.R., Aurora, CO

Subject: Last Night's Reading!

Message: Mama Vida!  I literally just had my reading with you last night and I'm still tripping over it. Actually, I over analyzed some things I didn't bring to the table. Human shit: work, paranoia about what's next, and yada yada. I made a list for my new morning routine per your suggestion. I woke up this morning went through my list and knocked back out - HARD. When I woke up, again, my energy felt SOOOOOO different. I felt like me and am feeling driven to do things versus sticky with old energy. That's when I knew why I didn't bring up the human shit because I can do whatever if I'm feeling aligned like this. I cannot thank you enough. I fucks with you! M.M. San Francisco, CA

Subject: Changes!

Message: I had my reading done on Friday the 7th and you told me to do my work for 7 days and see what difference it will make. It’s only been 3 days and things are already starting to shift and I have been given opportunity’s I didn’t think would happen and although it is stepping out of my comfort zone I am going for it and am excited to see what happens! Thank you for explaining so much for me and putting my mind to ease with things I was so caught up on! I appreciate all the work you do and how much you helped me in just one hour!

(Sent via The Almighty Pineapple) R.K., Portland, OR

HI Vida! I hope all is well! I received my order and I absolutely love the lavender soap. I used it for the first time last night, and I had a very vivid dream and YOU were in it. I was so surprised  so I just wanted to pass that along and the fact that you make a great product. :) Best, S.A., Bronx, NY

Subject: Thank You

Message: Listening to your webinar today on Intuition has confirmed for me I am on the right path! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your webinar.

(Sent via The Almighty Pineapple) T.G., Murray, UT

I saw a post on Instagram that made me think of you. It said to check in on your maternal figures so I wanted to let you know I have love for you like big sis, auntie vibes and I am so blessed to have you in my inner circle. You are always reminding me to embrace myself and you don’t judge me, so I’ve never felt bad about being honest with you which is fucking rare. One of my past judgey friends reached out to me yesterday and it dawned on me how much I’ve grown by reaching out to you. We’ve been working together for at least 6 months now and you’ve helped equip me to reparent my inner child and hone into my inner guidance system. It’s hard to find a culturally appropriate therapist who will deal with, let alone laugh at my antics. When I went to therapy multiple times before, they told me I was too self-aware and high functioning for me to have anything wrong and I didn’t tell anyone I tried to kill myself around this time.  It’s a miracle I found you when I did and I’m so appreciative of you and all the progress I’ve made with your help. I like being alive and so much of the shit I’ve went through is coming up to show me how I help other people and not be ashamed of my abilities and passions. Thanks for fucking with my hoe ass and staying true. ADH, VA

Email #1:You sent the email at 3:17p and at 3:19p they called and said they wanted to interview me sooner. I’m going tomorrow for the interview. WOW! 
Thank you!!! 

Email #2:Vida, I finished the interview. They said they had only done this one other time- they had an offer prepared for me already! I don’t have the specifics yet, but will receive them soon! I will keep you updated! 😊 N.B.,Houston, TX

Good evening, Vida!
Ive been thinking about you since Sunday! Becauseeeeee when I went to church service the pastor said something that you say alll the time. I swear it felt like you said it in that moment too!  (Its not the first time this happens to me at church) he was talking about the things we need to do for Soul Care. Without his sermon he mentioned something his mom always says: “ We are physical beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.“ and you talked about it last wk in the card of the day. I wish I would’ve taken a picture of the screen but I didn’t react fast enough. If I find it through one of my friends I’m going to send it lol. Anyway Vida thanks for your always being genuine and real. I appreciate you very much!
Have a good night ❤️ J.M.

Hey Mama Vida, Sorry this is long. You're amazing. Even though your message in the beginning of your live wasn't for me. It resonated...I never wake up this early. And my mind was like yaaa. You up ,check out Vida..and no lie yesterday I was like where's her card of the day😓 and then I was like oh in her live. Dis will be interesting. I wish I had money to give you but I'm in a tight space rn. I never in a million years would think I'd get an abortion...but I learned a big lesson about over indulgence 🙄 and could not afford to raise a kid. It was Thursday/Friday. I didn't tell anyone but my cousin and partner... I felt like part of me died. For the best though... I haven't been grateful. I keep steering away from my purpose. And honestly. I try to sabotage my own success. I love you so much because even though I feel ashamed with my life at times. You somehow make me feel accepted and proud to be who I am. I started forgiving my step mom and dad since Friday. And realized how much their expectations of me hindered my success. They were never parents to me as a child. They did what they knew and hurt me a lot. And the habits I had to cope...involved hurting myself. And now I'm in a relationship that actually holds me accountable for the damaging things I do. But I forgive myself kind of now. And it's going to be a journey. Because I have taken on so much that wasn't mine...and unloading is trying as fuck. I have no one to talk physically to so I guess I'm venting now. Feels way better than a journal knowing it'll be read. I talk to my ancestors and guides it isn't the same tho. Because I am still working on my mind and triggers. But ever since I started to try and forgive myself life's gotten better but like more challenging. Guess it's the spotlight my guides and ancestors are putting on my self work. My work is also very hard...to accept, to do...to even talk about. I guess socially part of me wants to be normal...(all of me feels the desire to be accepted...especially by my parents). And I hate it. Honestly I wish I could be something else. But I've tried so hard to not be what I am. And it only pulls me back to what I am and in a not so gentle way. Oh they fuck my shit up... you are such a strong guide for me because even tho we don't do the same thing you help me remember what I want is human..what I need is Divine...and the work I do is divine...because I do it better than anything...it's so natural...who would've known my kind of work...could even be something beautiful...I guess it is because I know I'm just a spirit in a meat suit...I wish people would understand that my work is valid...my job's so delicate...I wish everyone especially the one's who work in the field were more conscious of that healing power...and if done without passion and compassion...it is destructive as fuck. I know my last step is doing something similar to you(but completely different) but as in reach people in a somewhat online way. There's still so many people in my field who fuck shit up and aren't true and I just know that if I do what spirit tells me... I could potentially reach those workers and clients in a way that would make our work more safe, real and hopefully push us in a direction that actually heals rather than masks. You also remind me that it's okay to turn down clients...even tho technically my contract tells me not to. You really are the best spiritual mom ever. Thank you Vida for being the honest light and Mother I always needed. I always tell myself I'm my mom and I'm good. But you serve that maternal energy I've never had. Your confirmation is what keeps me sober. I am thankful I stumbled across your page and got access to it because you pulled me out of a very sick place. And I don't think I'd be here right now...without those little nudges telling me I'm safe. To keep persevering...to fucking REST AND EAT. To slow down. Giving me permission to care for myself. If it weren't for you...I wouldn't know that caring for myself would help me serve others more efficiently...and better yet I found it even led me to the right people that truly reciprocate that energy. Huh who woulda thunk. You taught me that real love only heals even tho I somehow feel like my feelings got hurt (typing this spirit was like bitch that's your ego that's hurt..lol)...not because the person hurt me but because I was hurting and the people who love me help me identify that pain. You taught me the difference between intuition and fear. And how to get over my fear so that I could be where I need to be and have the space to actually receive my blessings... You taught me that I am deserving of love. You taught me what love is. Unconditional, forgiving and without a limit or time stamp. I'm better and stronger for you have guided me for like what...3 years now? And even though I haven't gotten to a reading yet the energy you put into your page gives me enough to understand and remember my purpose. I am forever grateful for you and love you so much. J.D., Clearwater, FL

Good Afternoon Mrs.Vida, I hope this email finds you well. I’m emailing you to tell you that after our reading, my body did go AWOL. Right now I’m taking the steps to take care of myself. I wanted to thank you again because the reading did resonate. I was a little stubborn afterwards, but that was because of denial. Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade and your reading helped me with that. Thank you again, M.M., BX, NY

Hey Vida, Hope all is well in your world 🌎, I’m loving my Mojo envelope! So as soon as I got it, I got a call than XXX had gotten a spot in the summer program he was in last yr, and I was able to get the funds to pay right away, I also had two people book through my website, the first two ever, I feel official lol.That Friday, went out to eat with a friend she paid for me unexpectedly and then later when I was out with another friend the bartender forgot to ring me up so my drink was free.  It also feels like that apartment downstairs is going to be mine so who knows maybe this summer I’ll be signing my first lease, which you did mention by the way lol Met with the lawyer today as well and since XXX has yet to file for visitation or make any attempt to reach out, so my lawyer said the judge will most likely not give him visitation at this time. Small beginnings but so grateful to you!!! 🤗🤗🤗 Loving my AURALITE 23 necklace by the way and the lavender incense 😍😍😍😍 Love to you and the family, R. L., BX, NY

Hiiiii Vida! I hope you’re amazing! The MOJO envelopes are definitely working. They are fantastic, thank you! Road opener definitely just worked harmoniously w money envelope and things started flowing again.  I love shaking them over my candles and myself when I do my prayers in the morning, then leaving on my altar. T.S., LA, CA

Subject: A long time coming THANK YOU!

Message: Hola' Vida! I want to start this off by saying I hope you're having a wonderful day! I also want to apologize now for how long this might be. I came across your page last summer when I was at one of my lowest points in life and I feel in a way seeing your posts and listening to you daily helped save me in a way that I so needed. I need to thank you for that. Listening to you has always made me feel like you're a real friend and the cards of the day have ALWAYS resonated with me on such a profound level. Sometimes I feel as if you're spying on me lol..
There has been so many times that I have wanted to reach out and tell you these things or say thank you but I knew if I did, I'd be bombarding you all the time with emails.
I want you to know that today 5/28/2019.. you have helped me in such a way I could never repay you. You're card of the day #TAKE A MOMENT... I have been living in such fear and chaos and heartache for months now but specifically the last week. My baby cat whom I have had for over 16 years is dying and it's destroying me. She is my entire world and I would do anything for her.. We are at the point now to where I have to decide and make a decision and I have been struggling like you wouldn't believe. Not knowing wether to do it, maybe she will get better but ultimately knowing it's going to happen soon. Wondering if I'm making the right choice and wondering how I will get through it.. then today.. take a moment to connect with my higher self and ask for clarity on the situation.. I needed to hear that more than you know so I thank you.. not just for todays card but for every single day you selflessly put yourself out there for all of us. You're time, presence and wisdom is so incredibly appreciated. Thank you for being you and for allowing me to be apart of your community on the gram. With love, N.B.

So lemme tell you lol. Yesterday was my first day back at work. Remember that chick that I told you about with all the negativity. Well I wasn't able to go get the black tourmaline for my cubicle was going to a store this weekend. Yesterday I learned her last day here is Friday ( yes as in mañana) because she is RETIRING FROM THE STATE. She's walking around like her shit don't stink, nose up in the air, and basically giving ppl attitude because she's out of here.  Yesterday, she was telling me and another girl basically jodete because she's going to make over $50 an hour and we didn't pursue our master's. I wanted to run the bitch over with a car but remembered people depend on me. Anyway after her debacle, I looked in my drawer for my bitch be gone spray.  And it was still some left. I sprayed it after she went to another room. Then I remembered that I bought this specific bottle when I learned she was coming to my office. I've been spraying it since January lol and then I learned she leaving tomorrow :). So gracias..Bye bye bitch lmao...Thanks again... M.T., NJ

Hope you’re well!!! I just wanted to let you know that you told me I should speak up about money at work and I did. And basically got a 115k yearly increase. Like, huh!!! Don’t ppl get like a 5% increase (I made that up, idk what ppl do lol) I don’t even know how to feel! Thank you for the extra push! D.D., New Orleans, LA (no this is not typo in the amount of money and I will not disclose my client’s profession)

Hi Vida! In April 2018, when you and I met at the event in New Orleans with XXX, XXXX and XXXXXXX, we were all sitting around the table chatting. Clipping out pictures for our vision boards, talking woo woo things. The usual. You said, "Write that book. I don't know who that's for, but Spirit told me to say that." I thought it was for me, because I'd been wanting to write a book about my mom's life, comprised of vignettes like in The House on Mango Street. But someone else thought it was for another one of us. So I didn't say anything. But I kept it in the back of my mind. My 33rd birthday was soon after, and my mom's best friend took me for Honduran food at one of my favorite spots, Casa Honduras. She gave me my mom's journals that I thought drowned in Katrina! So now I could write the book and put journal entries in it. Awesome! Other wonderful, divine things have happened to get me to where I am now with the book. I became friends with Jesmyn Ward, my friend Maurice Carlos Ruffin is becoming so famous and still was able to give me excellent book advice.THE BIGGEST NEWS: I applied for a Jack Jones Literary Arts Retreat fellowship, giving them the first 20 pages of my manuscript described above, with a recommendation from Jesmyn Ward, and I got in! It's HUGE! A three percent acceptance rate and I got in! I'll meet agents, learn how to shop my book, etc. One of the retreat's founders even said I am her pet fellow!  NYT best-seller and National Book Award-winner coming soon! So thank you again, Mama Vida, for letting Spirit work through you for us. Thank you for always reminding me of my "unseen squad." Have a great week! Love always, Megan Braden-Perry, New Orleans, LA

Hi Vida, Thank you so much for doing the webinar today! It was insightful, fun ( I love you’re energy) and you looked beautiful! Today you received an IG request for someone, that’s my Mom. I told her about you and how you’ve been such a wonderful guide and advisor to me. My family is Caribbean and embrace your spiritual practices. I’m sure you’ll here from her. Many thanks, Vida! You’re fucking awesome!!!!!! I.S., NJ

Hi Vida!  So since our meeting and business blessing things have been going so great! I got my permit and I have state board inspection for June . So things with the business are moving along and I’m getting a lot of Inquiries for events too. I had to write you because this weekend I’m out of state and today I met someone. Omg this was our first time meeting in person but we have known each other for over five plus years. And I know you said end of the year I’ll meet my love of my life in December but I have never been so sure of something in my life with this guy. We just clicked and it was such a nice time. He lives out of state now and i don’t know what the future holds but I know he is the one. I don’t know I just had to tell you. S.S., NJ

I got mi caja !! (The Almighty Pineapple Box)
I could smell everything through the sealed box, it all smells sooooo good i can’t wait to try everything out soon (currently deep cleaning to have everything clean, cleared and cleansed... hmmm maybe my new motto  )
Thank you soo much!! J.R., CA

Hi Vida,
First of all thank you so much for your service! You are truly such a magical human, thank you for sharing your blessings with us all. Just wanted to let you know that recently I have been torn between some decision in my career. I have been feeling stuck and unsure of where to head. Yesterday I ordered your door opening mojo envelope and have been praying for clarity and a sign as to what direction to take. This morning I got a call for an interview which is a great direction for my career! I am nearly in tears! Again thank you so much for sharing your blessings with us and helping me see the importance of prayer. Gracias, M.C., Houston, TX


I would like to just tell you that I appreciate your promptness in sending my order. I got it within 36 hours from when I ordered it (that's from NY to CA in 36 hours!!) I truly appreciate it! That shows that you value us. It was impo6for me because I'm needing a cleanse and my vibe to be cleared and being able to do that with in hours is just awesome! J.R., Chico, CA

Hi Vida, 
Me again. Just dropping by to give you a testimonial. I burned my money mojo envelope last week because it was approaching 1 year of having it. I sat outside and burned it while I whispered a few affirmations. Fast forward to this week: I received 2 separate offers for the same summer job, a coworker offered me an opportunity to do a side gig, I was approached to proctor an exam by another coworker and my sisters friend also reached out to me about a possible side gig. As this all happened I remembered your words on how people ask their team for things and then don't want it because it isn't perfect. It was so easy to see how what I asked for was being given , all I had to do was accept it. I asked for monetary gains and the opportunities have walked themselves into my life without me searching for them. I want to thank you for the magic that is the envelope but also for the magic that is you! The wonderful content you put out each day through IG helps me check myself and seems to always be what I need to hear.
Have a great rest of the week! N.A. Laurel MD

I love your baños. They are straight liquid gold. I went to the craft store and ran up on some pineapples. I would like two baths, a love bath and healing bath. This also served as a confirmation to add some color into my wardrobe. 
Ive traded my regular shower routine for your bar soap (roses or lavender) and dragons blood salt daily or twice daily for some months now. I used to get a random hive on my face or my neck or chin when feeling some type of way or resisting how I feel. I haven’t had any hive breakouts and even my hormonal and cystic, stress related acne has reduced. Much love xo A.H., Oakton VA

First I want to apologize for the draining energy you picked up for my reading, I am appreciative of you and your guidance. Everything you told me is confirmation for what I have been realizing within myself. Since your reading I have been getting confirmation from everything around me that I need to put me first. It's going to be a challenge because for so long I have doubted myself and my inner guidance because of external factors. Now is my time, I am going to trust in me and move forward following my intuition. I had a moment I heard my intuition tell me not to feed into something. And I told myself XXXX listen, my hard headed ass didn't and a small situation spiraled from there into something big, but out of it it's like enough is enough XXXX. My ego is killing me and I am starting by setting boundaries with it. Telling my ego NO and to SHUT UP! So I can trust and follow my own guidance because I know that where my greatness lies. Again THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! In healing myself, I can only hope that I can be a positive impact in others live the way you have been since I started following you. Sending lots of light and love, J.A., NYC, NY

Hello Vida,Hope all is well?! I know Oreo is sick but I pray for a quick recovery and I know God and the ancestors will help in his healing. I was writing to say thank you for all the hard work you do. I purchased a few baths from you not too long a go and wanted to say I love your packaging, I can see the effort you put to your work and how fast it arrived really took me by surprise. I did the “wipe out bath” and I just wanted to share how good it was and I have never had a bath make me feel so good and really cleanse. I will be doing the “prosperity & abundance” bath next on Sunday night and start my week right. May you be blessed with many years of health, love and more wisdom to share with us and help us heal. You’re hands are one of a kind!
Stay blessed ❤️🍍Yours truly, M.D.J.

Hi Vida,I hope you are doing well!I wanted to take a moment and share some great news with you. First and foremost, thank you for keeping it real with me when I asked what service I should get. You reminded me to, not ask what services you suggest because I could definitely get ripped off. And as you always say in your videos, you reminded me to pray, meditate and get in touch with my Divine Squad (as I like to call them). I recently purchased some mojo envelopes (Love, Money, Healing and Intuition) and WOW! I lit a candle, prayed, invited my divine squad,  wrote my intentions on my envelops and placed two of them in my wallet and the other two on my alter. That same night, I followed my intuition and used your 4 Leaf Clover Lucky bath bomb. 
I was waiting for a call back from a potential employer I had interviewed with the week before. The very next day, I received a call with a job offer and way more money than I expected! Woot woot! Not only that, but I have had the most random lucky breaks! Yas!  I’m looking forward to using the Amor Eterno bath bomb! As a matter fact, let me go replenish the one 4 Leaf Clover Lucky bath bomb I used and buy some extra ones! :-) Thank you, Vida, for sharing your gifts and to your guides for allowing me to be part of your Instagram community! All the best, V.A. NYC

Hi Vida! I wanted to thank you again for my amazing reading last night ! I mean they are always amazing but last nights really touched me and was major confirmation!!!! I really have no words for how much it means to have you be part of my journey . And when you said you were proud of me WOW! Driving to work today I got emotional, in the best way! You’ve helped me grow beyond my expectations. Thank you 🙏 ❤️ Have a fantastic weekend !  S.M., NJ

I have so much love for you and your family (animal race included). I imagine your voice all the time and it’s saved me so much money on bond stg. I’ve survived shootings, murders, set ups and assaults, in 24 years but for the first time after something like that happened I could go to sleep when I came home. I still haven’t talked to anyone about it, even my past. In college, I used to check my windows and doors hourly and wait until sunrise to sleep. While living alone in XX, I had a stalker who confessed he murdered to scare me and it worked. I felt like I would pray to anyone who would listen and keep me alive another sunrise. Having you in my environment really has changed how I think about myself and my vulnerability to forgive and keep thriving beyond survival. This is a lot and I didn’t expect to write this much but I feel like meeting you has changed my life and what I feel I deserve. I didn’t know when I was a young girl that I would live to see 25 years old. This in itself has done something for me. Much love to you + loved ones. A.D.H., VA

Hi Vida, I just wanted to thank you so much for my goodies I just received. I am almost done with my first custom blend oil you made and blessed for me last year and wanted to continue. I just wanted to share with you that the messages you have been led to in order to customize my oil really resonates with me so much at this time in my life. When I read what the oil is for I became emotional. There are certain things that are going on in my life that I keep to myself and just knowing spirit led you to create this custom oil to things pertaining to my current situation moved me. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for you, your team, my team and your gifts. This oil will help me as I enter the next phase of my life. Gracias por todos, blessings to you and have a great evening. E.N., Bronx NY

Hi Mama V, This email is long overdue and I’ve been meaning to send it for a month now. Nevertheless, all things are in divine order and Spirit is allowing me to send you this message now. Since our readings began and my consistent efforts to follow your guidance and trust my intuition, so much has shifted around me in a truly positive way. Everything from thanking my team/ancestors before I get out of bed to writing the letter to my rapist, I am fortified and powerful. My relationships have strengthened even though my firm stance has pissed some members of my family off. Those who support me have honored my newfound self. I know you’re super busy so I’ll keep it short by letting you know the agency came through for me as you said they would. I found a really good doctor who’s confident in helping me become a mommy even though surgery is necessary. I have an MRI tomorrow but I’m so positive. And finally, we’re in contract on a home that we’ll be doing serious renovations on. That said, realizing how booked you are and in preparation for your time off, we expect to bless our home.Thank you for your love, your guidance, your generosity of Spirit. With Divine Love, R.B., PW, NY

Lovely Vida, My package arrived immediately as always and I can’t thank you enough.  My candle is lit and I’ve already received a message from Spirit this morning.  Your tools are powerful and I’m thankful to have you to learn from, you give so much in service and I truly appreciate you..it is not easy to find Spiritual advisors with honesty and integrity but you have that and then some 🙏🏼 Love you, L.T., DMV

Dearest Vida- You read me for filth in wanting to go back to Pittsburgh because all I was thinking about was how expensive the cost of living is here and how the fuck am I supposed to get the paperwork to square away this shit. I asked my ancestors to send me a dream and I saw myself driving a boat out at sea with a man and a woman on each side. Then today I made an intention to connect with my intuition as my main priority, so I come home and pick up the rabbit to confirm that you were right. I found her true condition almost enough to push me to tears and will now spend most tomorrow at the vet clinic with her, which she is not happy about. I’ve never held and picked her up before today. I found an article online talking about how rabbits were the favorite of many goddesses and known as a trickster in indigenous traditions, but also a guide on shamanic journeys lol. In a weird way, I’ve been thinking of my mom and letting go of my resentment on how I raised my three siblings and gave her credit. A voice keeps telling me I knew I would take care of them and show up on the daily, just like you confirmed with the rabbit. A.H., Oakton VA

Hi Vida! Last month you did a dream analysis for me and that was EYE OPENING. So much of what you explained was very clear and resonated. You've really helped me focus on finding my inner truth and manifesting abundance. I'm so excited, I've purchased an unlimited reading! After lots of talk with my unseen dream team, they told me to jump in. Thank you for everything that you do. Looking forward to hear from you soon! Have a great day! M.M., CA


Hi Vida, This FUCKING WORKS!!! I live with the hater and no matter how much he’s trying to get under my skin, I’m calm. Can’t wait to talk. Just had to tell you. And my envelopes too. Because my intuition is on 1000. And I’m putting my energy on the kids and work, and it is helping. Ok I know we talking soon, but had to say this. Thank you for what you do!!!  Love you! Y.G., NY, NY 

I just want to say thank you and what a blessing it was to have a reading with you. It was conformation on a lot of things/circumstances/behaviors that i know, and it’s really helped me already and it’s been an eye opener for sure. It made me so happy that right away you knew i had some anxiety and helped me calm down, and that my grandma was also present. This reading and talk with you means so much. Again, thank you, and for all that you do. I have so much gratitude towards you and everything you do 💕. C. E. LA, CA

Dear Vida,I had purchased your bath bomb, envelope, gem & necklace to help me with self love.  I have also started to read about Chakra and just started yesterday with yoga.  I use the stone & wear the necklace to help me with the energy.  Well, this morning I remember my dream of snakes. I was in some kind of attic with my sister and she screamed was afraid,but I was not.  I just stayed there open a box & watched all the snakes come out.  I thought this was odd ,so I looked up the  dream & then saw your instagram about snakes. Timing couldn't have been better.  I honestly never thought snakes are part of healing and your story about your snake skin & healing emotionally really made me even more curious.Turns out dreams of snakes  has many meanings, but the one interpretation that speaks to me is the one that represents the awakening of Kundali from my Root Chakra & the healing, which you confirmed in instagram. Your stones, gems & the few word that you said that spirit said on my leaf reading are totally correct.  I am trying to be consistent with taking care of myself  through praying  ,meditating & follow my intuition.   I guess that's what my dream is confirming.  I am headed towards the right direction to be healed.  Wow this is only the beginning, and I can't wait to use my bath bomb.  I can't wait to get a massage, relax in a bath with the great smelling bath bomb.  Excited on your products & can't wait till order next month.  Thank you again for sharing with us on your amazing gift of communicating with spirit. A.M. Bayonne, NJ

Good morning Mrs. Vida, Im sending immense love & light to our family & friends during the difficult times you all face. I pray that this email finds you well. I wanted to take a little bit of time to thank you for your time & all the effort you put into your products. Let me back track a second, I was led to your page through other spiritual workers & was apprehensive at first about products because through the years I have tried a few with other people and there were very few that stuck with me. So I bought ticket to the Nomad Bazzar event & saw that you would be there & I did not want to miss the opportunity to greet you & purchase one of your products literally on hand. The day of the event my personal life was just so hectic, I almost didn't make it! I was so anxious & just feeling overwhelmed by the time I got there all of that went out the window. I was able to enjoy the atmosphere & feel at peace. You answered all of my questions & took the time to explain to me the things I needed to know. Needless to say I walked away from your table with a few products. But one for each member of my family. SINCE that day, everytime we step foot out of our residence, there is a sense of peace & clarity that follows us. Especially me, my husband had told me of similar things he faced through out his day as well. I really wish I would have been able to buy one of everything you had, but I see that coming in the near future, so long as God continues to allow you to shine your light. I'm not sure what it is, the scents, the feeling & the overall juju of your products, your energy & work truly is a gift. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! I look forward to working with you in the future & continue to keep your products on hand. By the way, it was the dragon blood, rose toner, & baby azabache bracelet. Y eso que también compre a sage & still have yet to burn it. Again, thank you so much, many blessings & so much love!! - A.F. NY, NY

Hi Vida, It was great to see you today. :-)
Your business blessing has truly been magical for me and I want to thank you so very much for your help and for being part of this chapter in my life. My inspection was approved, I received 2 checks... (a total of almost $900), and I hired an amazing employee which means I can stay working a little longer until business starts officially booming. (OMG all this happened 4 days later). My candle was very resistant at first but now its dancing flame that is burning beautifully.Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have no idea how grateful I am to have crossed paths with you and I want to wish you great health, love, happiness, abundance of wealth and success, ... I can keep going.. may you continue to be prosperous in everything you do. You are such a blessing. Keep doing your thing. Best wishes, S. S. Manhattan, NY

I am not sure how it works (the proper way to say it) but your energy resonates with me, beyond having lived my whole life afraid of embracing my wholeness, because the faith I grew up into (Catholicism) has no space for anything else... And by that I don't mean that I have any special power(s), beyond my intuition  (or maybe I do)... But long story short,  I was drawn to you, and I respect and treasure that... Drawn to you without even knowing you before, or about your work, until I asked Ada to ask you to accept me on IG... I don't know why I write all this, but either way, the most important thing is: thank you! We'll talk soon, Blessings, ET, Aventura FL

Hi Vida! I have been wanting to email you since the day of the reading to thank you but I followed my intuition like you said and waited. Today I heard it clear as day “email her”. So here I am thanking you for everything you taught me to do in my reading. I’ve been working really hard to do my wake and sleep gratitude moments and protecting myself and it’s been an amazing journey so far. I’m still working on being more disciplined about it but I started to allow myself to open my minds eye and not block my connection to my team. Just a few minutes ago I had the most amazing moment while sitting in car before work and doing my gratitude and protection prayer. I saw my team! Now I didn’t see faces but my spirit knew and they confirmed so much that you said with just actions. Every time I ask for protection I immediately see wings wrap around me and it’s the most incredible feeling to know i have my own personal protection. Thank you thank you thank you! I can’t thank you enough. I’m constantly getting confirmations about our conversation. I can’t wait to update you again on everything else we spoke on. But for now my extend my gratitude towards you and your team. Have an amazing night! You’re the best!  Best Regards, SM, NC

Dear Vida,I am longer overdue in saying Thank you to you.  You have been an amazing influence in my life and in my spiritual growth (have much work to do in this area). Last week I ordered a money bag and in with my item was a small crystal as a Thank you from you.  What?!  I couldn't believe it.  It's me that should be thanking you! This morning I received my second shipment - Road Opener.  As soon as I read the instructions, I was overcome with emotions. Even as I write this I feel tears in my eyes.  So I sincerely want to thank you, for being you, and for sharing your gift with us. 🙏🏼💜🧡 EG, San Lorenzo CA

Hi Vida, I just wanted to say thank you! The event has been great,  and I have received clear messages through you. Thank you for being so respectful. I don't know why, but I feel I should tell you that the way you present the 1:2 combo is so in alignment with the way this world was meant to be:  Inclusive and respectful of all, creating community, understanding that as long as we love more, do not overstep boundaries,  and stop judging others, we can peacefully coexist, learn from each other and become more powerful individually and together. You beautifullly convey this message, cursing and all. God, our higher power, created all things to help us in our path on this life space, why wouldn't we embrace it... Ego gets on the way.Thanks for that hug! It means more to me than you will ever know... When I saw this hug in my mind earlier this morning, we were outdoors,  and we were both under a big tree, covered by its shade and the tree that looked exactly like the tree of life (similar to the one in Disney) but we weren't there -on Disney. We were in a place with a lot of land, not too much green, we were resting, like taking a break from work, and we were talking about something that made us hug.  The actual hug in person brought a soothing and peaceful feeling to me, thank you! Thank you for letting me know something that the overthinker I am never thought of before: Faith and Fear cannot coexist! Thank you, thank you. Many blessings to you and your loved ones. With much love and respect, ET, Aventura FL

Hi- So this is more of a confirmation and thank you from our last session. I went to a museum today in an attempt to relax. There’s this political/art beef in Europe and Italy is pulling its art from France (currently). Today to my surprise, there was a whole Italian Renaissance era section of galleries debuting, which affirmed what you said to me about some of my past and French Renaissance collections (including a bust of King Louis XIV whose estate I visited at the Chateau of Versailles in France a few years ago). I cried when I saw the Da Vinci piece for what seemed to be no reason. Van Gogh passed to the spirit realm on my birthday and I’ve studied art before, but I know I have seen some of these artifacts before. I really needed this companionship today. Thank you for your help. AH, Oakton, VA

Wow , I am blown away!  Thank you so much for your prayers and working with spirit. It puts our minds at ease and I am excited to read him the final day.  I’m am truly blessed to have this done by you, Vida. And I absolutely will be coming back when guided to! Everything has been spot on , I’m excited for this custom spell work! S.A., Scotch Plains, NJ

Hey Vida,Hope you’re well. Hitting you up because I had a car accident recently and in my catscan they found a brain tumor that’s probably benign.  It’s on the left side of my brain. The pressure of it and the removal can end up impacting speech and language. I was talking to a friend about it today, and your words from  our reading came to mind, it was something like, “Before you touch the ground, speak, Pray to God out loud. Thank God that you can do the basics like talk.” It gave me chills. I’m definitely praying and meditating on my voice and my language- God knows it’s taken forever to become confident in it. Thank you for being a vessel and allowing the message to come through you to me. Thank you for a small warning so far in advance. Love, LA, Oakland CA

Vida, First and foremost, I want to say that you're a beautiful soul! Ever since coming across your page, I have to say that my life has truly changed! At the time I was in this different space in my life where I started to be mindful, pay more attention to the things and people around me, attempting to be at one with myself and truly listen and follow my intuition (something that I questioned for years). And oh boy! Those simple things changed the way I viewed a lot of things. I purchased your love mojo envelope on 10/10/18 and since then my boyfriend of 8 years and I have really started to make moves to help us move into the next chapter of our relationship (marriage). We went ring shopping and talked to the family about seriously taking this next step. I get goosebumps thinking about it. At one point in our relationship, I questioned if this is something he even wanted. I am so happy to see where we are now. I have a feeling he will pop the question in the next few months! I followed the instructions, I wrote my intentions on the envelope and it feels like I am manifesting my wants into reality. Then on 11/19/18, I purchased the money mojo envelope and boy or boy does this thing have some serious power! Again, I followed instructions, I wrote my intentions and I placed it in my wallet. Since then, I was approved for a home equality loan (which is unheard of because my home lost a lot of value over the years making it almost impossible to take a loan out). This HE loan allowed me to pay off some debt, saving almost $300.00 a month. Then I won a civil suit for an unpaid water bill that an old tenant left me with. The courts awarded me $750.00. I mean there have been countless things that have happened financially that have been mind-bottling to me! However, the most mind-bottling one yet was, last week I decided to burn my money mojo envelope after seeing one of your IG stories. Today I get an email from my job saying that on tomorrow's paycheck I will see a Spot Bonus of $750.00 for my performance! Thank you for spreading your love and energy! I am truly thankful for you! I can't wait to get an unlimited reading with you! You have awakened something in me that sees things differently and my life has not been the same since! Thank you! DA, Silver Springs MD

Hello Vida! I already thanked and hugged you today, but I needed to follow up with more gratitude! Gurl... lol! Look, today was amazing! You answered questions without my asking them! I am so thankful to my Spiritual Family for making it possible for me to be in that room! Thank you for your transparency, and for all that you do...  thank you for being YOU. I would like to set up monthly sessions just to have an opportunity to talk to you - I enjoyed your energy and it would be more of a Spiritual check-in...  a chance to review things that I reserve only for my spiritual team.  Don't worry, I will go through the appropriate steps to set that up. Thank you again and please enjoy the rest of your stay in Florida! Warmest- VP, Orlando FL

`Vida. The first post I read this morning was the repeat message you told me in my reading. Since my reading, I have been in contact with (name redacted due to privacy). Between emails I told him everything you said to me about him and his addictions etc. Which I am happy I did. It made him break it off between the girl he was using and made him realize he needs help. He went to meet a therapist yesterday already. I wanted to tell you this because the work you do not only helps the people you are doing sessions with but, also the people around them. You touch sooooo many souls indirectly as well. You are an amazing healer and guide. As for the IG post. It’s confirmation that I can’t go back. I don’t know why but, I really felt that post was for me (I’m sure many others as well) however, they were the same exact words you had just told me last Thursday. I’ve been crying everyday since because I admitted to you that I’d go back to him if he got help and he’s doing just that. And, I truly still love him and his potential. It’s a VERY hard test. I have so much love for you and what you’ve helped me through and are helping me through. I hope this email finds you well. C.S., Canada

Vida, thank you. Thank you for the sense you have brought into my life. I need to do a lot of work and grounding and all this I recognize thanks to the messages you have shared during my readings, your card of the day post and the most life changing of all The One, Two Combo event. Thank you for all the hard work you put in behind the scenes that comes with putting an event together, or channeling someone’s energy or finding time to post on Instagram, etc. I appreciate all you have done for me, my sister and all who seek your guidance. You rockkk, many blessings to you and your family❤️❤️❤️😘 E- NY,NY

Dear Vida,It's been over 1 month since my reading with you as a first time customer and I just want to thank you for being that guide to Push myself towards self love and appreciation. 
Not a day goes by when I thank spirit and always have the thought of putting my needs first before anyone else. I still show love and support others close to me but I always make sure I'm tending to my own needs before making time for them. I remember when you told me I have the power to manifest everything that I want and that it would all take time. Well I would like to let you know that I bought a brand 2019 model car.My SUPER old car I've been holding on for more almost 15 years  broke down on me on a day that I least expected. It was a difficult few days since I really depend on my car to get to and from work. Instead of getting mad about it, I took it as a sign and jotted down a day on the calendar where I'd make an appointment with a local dealership. As far as my relationship with my family, it's been calm these past few weeks.
I'm also thankful for spirit sending me messages at moments when I need it and also in dreams. Much of it being the theme of light, and shining through. ✨I'm learning to feel how rewarding it is to celebrate myself, my progress and dreams. As of now, I am strengthening the few close friendships I hold and I have to say that they've grown stronger over the past several weeks.
Now that I got my new car, (a little earlier than I expected), the next thing to tackle on my list is my own space, my own apartment closer to my job.Thank you so much for being of great guidance to all of us. ❤ I look foward to working with you again soon. EG, NY, NY

I’m writing this as the water is running out. I am beyond grateful for this healing. I hope one day we can meet and work together. I cleaned my chakras with the bag, laid in the water and they told me to dunk my whole head in. I’m so glad I got this. I’m not sure if everyone receives a healing on this level but I can tell you it was much more than abundance and prosperity that I received in that tiny bag. I’m in shock and awe. So much gratitude and I expressed it already to your ancestors, guides, lineage, angels and your higher self as I feel she was here with me. Baffled by the healing I received in this bath. Heart wide open screaming THANK YOU! K.M, CO

Vida, From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. This was a rude awakening for me. I feel like I have been in an overall good place since the start of 2018, I have put in the work, learned lessons, and have asked my team for support and guidance and signs of all sorts (and listened), and I manifested SO much amazingness in 2018, yet I didn't take myself into account. I have indeed been an emotional roller coaster since September, full of anxiety because I have so much going on (good things) and have been adjusting to a shit ton of changes. I haven't been gentle with myself and I've definitely been mentally hard and critical on myself. Thru this candle Spirit definitely gave me a spiritual smack in the back of the head! Message has been received and I have already started to do  the work. I am committed to myself, my love, my joy, my well-being from this day forward. THANK YOU FOR THE WORK YOU DO AND TO SPIRIT FOR USING YOU AS A VESSEL TO DELIVER THESE MESSAGES. Thru your spiritual work, You and 2 other practitioners (they are not mentioned because The Almighty Pineapple does not have legal consent to do so) have helped me heal, grow, and evolve so much in the past few year, and for all of you I am extremely grateful. Finally, I don't know WHY I waited this long to order a roll on! Now I wish I would've gotten the spray! I used Flower Power this morning and I have had an overall sense of calm and peace since I put it on. I brought both flower power and Bitch be gone with me to work for an extra boost throughout the day! Love you, and many blessings to you and your family. I'm looking forward to checking in in a few months and seeing what spirit's got for me next. D.V., Bx, NY


Hello magical woman! I follow my intuition now, well I try my very best to do so and this is the reason why writing to you. I just wanted to tell you that speaking with you almost 2 years ago changed my life. I didn’t know it then but as the months went by the more and more I felt myself changing and evolving. Of course, there’s much more work I have to do and much to learn. I want to thank you for the way you deliver the message and how bold you are. I am a completely different person since we spoke. I have found someone else within in .. I found my magic! I have never felt this way. I thank God, the Universe and all my angels who guide me day by day! They are so strong btw! They are loud!!! Lol they know I’m stubborn! And maybe just a about a month ago you said “get out of your on way!” And I finally listening and I cannot begin to tell you how fast my life changed in such a little time! Every day I look forward to your daily message guided by that powerful team of yours. I pay close attention and even if it feels like it doesn’t resonate with me I still listen! Thank you again you are an angel on earth! I always go back to what you told me that day and I carry it with me and I hope one day I can reach a spiritual level that can allow me to reach true “deep knowing”✨ My hope is to maybe not change the world but at least chance somebody’s world! To make a difference in their lives! Or fuck it maybe even change the whole world 🤷🏻‍♀️ who knows! By the way yesterday was my birthday and I turned 33 on the 3rd and that alone is magical to me! I know this new chapter will be a life changing one and I believe in it with all my heart and soul! Love, N.R., NY

Vida, Okay...I finally feel like I’m processing my reading. With everything going on I really had to take it in bit by bit. I wanted to take a moment and say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are such a real and genuine person and your soul shines through in your ability to connect with others and show us there is more to all of this than our emotions and our day to day routines.So much of what you said resonated deeply with me. I wish I could remember all of it because it cones back in bits and I’m like “yessss...that’s what Vida meant!” it was so crazy to say the words to you- “I wish I just had a blueprint (for life)” and then have you read the cards using that exact word. You hit the nail on the head with me so often during our reading and you really clarified my need to spiritually dig deep which I had been thinking about often lately. You understood where I had been emotionally and where I was now and what I had been accustomed to and taught to accept as “normal”. The fact that you mentioned a generational curse after my oldest had expressed that- still shocks me. There is no way you could have known that was in the back of my head the way it was! I just really wanted to say- as I said quickly on Skype...your putting yourself out there the way you do, knowing it will affect your energy to feel ours, just so that we can benefit from the guidance- it’s beautiful and very much appreciated.I continue to pray and meditate and list what I’m grateful for... and cannot thank you enough. (One more thing- If you remember- I had asked for an earlier reading and you wrote back saying our date would come before I was up on the wait list...had I moved it up I wouldn’t have had the same message of healing that I needed after the day before. You are so right about Spirit’s timing vs our human “wants”). Thank you again. You are a blessing. T.H., FL

Vida, I just wanted to thank you so much.  I felt drawn to your Instagram page immediately. Your posts have really helped me in the past few months of my life. I literally felt like I was lost and was going deep down in a depression. I started reading your post about asking for help and being thankful and I did just that. I just want to tell you that your posts have helped me so much. I purchased your money and justice bags and I have called on my spirit guides for help and I recently got a new job and I am leaving a firm I have been with for 15 years. I have been learning to accept the brujaness that runs in my blood and trust myself. I really felt the need to reach out to you because I was ready to give up but you made me realize, I couldn't let myself do that. I had to try to do more for me and my kids. Again, I can't thank you enough. May your blessings multiply a million fold. Soon enough I'll have the money to get a reading! I can't wait Vida! Keep doing what you're doing! V.A.

Hi Vida,Wanted to say, thank you & your keychain is something serious. I almost didn’t grab it with me when I went for lunch. On my walk back from lunch, it fell when I went to snap a quick pic of message that caught my eye and the eye chain came off. Praying now, and will walk with the protection mojo while I receive more guidance from my spiritual squad and God. Praying to see what I am missing and that whatever is in the dark comes to light. In the meantime, calling on my angels. When I went to pray using the Akashic Records, angel numbers popped up. 
With my Catholic/Christian upbringing, would’ve never explored this level of protection and being proactive about my spirituality in all it’s depth and faith if it wasn’t for you - everything you offer, all the posts I’m able to catch (will be checking today’s after this email), and ESPECIALLY that reading in May where you checked my lil ungrateful/chip on my shoulder butt by reminding me of who I am/long to be free to be. I was stuck for so long, having progress, but not having consistency in my life when we had the reading. And it’s been a process like you said, I was still going to fumble more before getting to my healing and taking it seriously. Now starting to just begin to see the fruits and purpose behind the stagnant period - all the ways God loved, protected, and corrected me - all the ways tools and gifts were being deposited and molded out of me. I was just tolerating life for the most part, but too scared to face and allow myself to not only accept the pain, but feel it in order to change the circumstances that needed to be different in order for my life to work for me, to nurture me, to feed my soul & my connection to the divine. Will definitely be sending you a longer thank you coming up, but had to share now just how powerful the experience was. And how grateful I am for your magic, your ancestors, and your offerings. Thank you for letting God work through you, definitely feel the difference it makes to tune into all the divine & magic instead of questioning and doubting and wrestling with the fear - no matter how inevitable  - at least dealing with it with God instead of without. As I’ve been going deeper, the doubt has been stronger and being able to turn directly to God and the divine about my doubts has been POWERFUL. I end up humbled by all the memories that come to me throughout the day & night of when God and my team has had my back over and over again. So I’m sorry for the length, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Feeling dramatic, but really know and trust enough now to know there’s no coincidences, only miracles. To know I’m being protected is what helps me feed my faith instead of the gnawing fear coming at me stronger and in such a different way than before. Thank you again. D.M. NYC

Aloha! As one of your followers from Instagram, I’m always deeply moved and enlightened by your works and how absolutely crystal clear your spiritual teams work with you. My ancestors want me to thank you, and they also want to introduce themselves. As you introduced your teams on your live earlier and was speaking on how you work, it was almost like a thousand voices in my head were agreeing with you. I honestly could go on, but on behalf of Goddesses Papa, Pele, Hi’iaka, Poliahu, and Lilinoe. And Gods Kū, Kamahoali’i, Lono, and Awakea. Thank you mama Vida. I. A.- Hawaii

Hey Mammavida, Just stopped by to say, Thank you for being real and being you! I’ve been a quiet follower for a little while, First came across your page from a co worker.  And felt compelled to send you a follow.  I’m from all the way in Australia, but honestly resonate with your soul and who you are as a person so much.  I come across your videos daily and the cards of the day are always so spot on. I finally got to see a live video today and I loved it. Happy anniversary by the way!   As bizarre as it may sound, your videos have given me my confidence back through a dark time, and I wanted to say Thank you.  You may not see it from time to time, but gurrrrl you’re helping people all around the world. Sending lots of love and positive vibes from Aus. 

G.Z., Australia

Hi Vida! I have been feeling this joy and positivity in myself lately. It has been a tough 2 years and meeting you was the BEST thing to happen to me in the last two years besides having my daughter. You woke me up, you reminded me of who the fuck I am! You broke me down and gave me a fucking wake up call!  Although my healing journey is not complete, I wanted to say THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH! Thank you for your time and your energy and your work. I’ve been getting back to the person I once was but I am so much better than her and I am loving the outcome.You asked me a question. If I had to do it all over again, would I? And I told you “no I wouldn’t”, you questioned me, “why, not even to have your kids?” And again I responded “no”. I have an explanation for that and it is because “I felt that having both parents together is so important and if they aren’t together I felt like the kids suffer, my kids suffer. They become scarred and don’t have the best life they should, well the best life I always wanted to give them. Now that I have life in me again and am feeling better and doing things that I used to do and I’m in a better space, my answer to you is YES! I would do it all over again! I would suffer and hurt and cry and heal all over again to give them life and to have them in my life! Having one amazing parent who gives you the world, is better than have two half ass parents that aren’t happy.”
So once again, THANK YOU! I appreciate you and it was GREAT that we met! F.B. Bronx, NY

Since 2012 life put me on this path of seeking spiritual guidance. I came across a few people, they most certainly weren't right for me. When I saw someone’s post about you, I sent a friend request and only realizing it after the fact I began to say in my mind, please allow Vida to accept my friend request, I need her help. The next morning I woke and you accepted me. I missed our first reading, we agreed it wasn't time for it. During my reading about a month later although I didn't speak much, I didn't have to. Your story clarified everything I needed at that time. Even the numbers 7/11 match my story. It's been 10 yrs of marriage and hopefully, by year 11 I will be divorced. That number 7 boy is that number true to my story. I thank GOD and every member of my spiritual team for your event Saturday. I once messaged you that you need to write a book, I am more convinced of that now. The platform you belong on is much larger than you imagine. I'm glad your team pushed you. During your workshop, my tears flowed. When you spoke of your daughter and her binding her abilities, it brought me to my family's home in the campo in DR during my summers there. My dreams as a child were so vivid I can recall them now, and I recall my family praying over me. I was given medication for episodes of "seizures" that disappeared suddenly. I recall being a kid and having electrodes placed all over me because they couldn't figure out what was wrong. My mom recently told me a story of a man saving my life after seeing my mom in desperate need at a bus stop with me limp and throwing us in a car, then running into the ER and bypassing all security to bring me in the back to the doctors.  These are all things no one speaks about in my family, I've just recently been piecing them together. In my dorm room in college, I saw an old man and a little boy dressed like the Amish. Shortly after I started dating my husband anything spiritual stopped. No more visions, no more intense DeJaVu, no more dreams. When I left my husband in 2012 and moved out I was visited numerous times by what felt like good and bad entities. We got back together, it all stopped again. September 2017 I realized I had to leave him. Physically, the stress began to take a toll, mentally, I was drained. I began to seek spiritual consult. Baths, candles, and a lot of faith led me to leave January 2018. No place to go but my mom's with 3 kids. On Saturday, when you spoke about toxic energies and blocking I realized at that moment it wasn't his toxic energy that blocked me, it was my spiritual team interceding so that his toxic energy didn't further hurt me. During your workshop, I realized I had to put in work to get to fulfillment. I purchased the items on your table that called out to me. Didn't know what for or why just went with it. Sunday morning the emotional abuse and manipulation began. I decided to light those candles. The candles are now both fully ablaze. My experience on Sunday was life-changing. The energy I felt, as I was on all fours on the floor was so intense. My arms felt like they were on fire, my head kept going in and out from feeling fully congested to feeling intensely clear. The coughing up sensation felt like it came straight from the middle of my chest. The shaking, more like vibrating was indescribable. The phone kept going off and I knew it was an intentional distraction, I ignored it. I kept focused on my prayer and didn't let up until I was done. After it all I felt more at peace, empowered, and sure of what to do next. This is a super long email, but it's my testimony that my intuition was 100% correct in pushing me to request you. Although we haven't had much one on one interaction the way you have changed my life has been so amazing. There are so many additional "coincidences"  that have occurred since my initial request. I look forward to continuing on this path and will be following through with additional services with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am moving towards a better me and you played a big role in that. Sending blessings, love, and light, B.J.P., NYC


Long fucking story short... First thing first.. The Ascension Struggle is REAL!!! In Jan of 2017 I declared it would finally be all about Me. That was a challenge in itself because I wasn't in the conditioned vein of doing for me, only for others.. In the past, I experienced a grand guilt whenever treating myself which was few & far between. I was physically, spiritually & emotionally enabling myself to get sick from stress from biting my tongue, not sticking up for myself & speaking my truth. I was doing this to myself. I was hurting, withdrawn & simply desired to be set free from the conditioning I had allowed myself to put into daily practice for decades. I was serving from an empty cup instead of my saucer. I had a conversation with God & told HIM: GOD; Show me where I am meant to be or let me go!!! I AM DONE!!! I cannot & will not live like this any longer!!! I placed myself in solitude & detachment. Right when I was ready to thrown in the social media towel for good (I had no FB) I was lead to a Spiritualista, Bruja & Medium @readingsbyvida . I was lead to her via a repost. She spoke from the heart & I felt a instant connection to her energy & message. This Woman carried me through the beginning of my Spiritual Awakening/Ascension with her catch phrases Pray & Meditate aka The One Two Combo, Ask Your Team & Follow your intuition. I first reached out to her on 03/22/17 @ 9:11pm. And through her Lives, Posts, various spiritual products; she brought me clarity & understanding via her countless personal testimonials, personal candle readings, gear for my alter, for myself, & a vision board workshop during the course of 2017. She resonated with me so much so I got one of her quotes #VidaQuotesForLife tattooed on my body: Feed Your Faith & Your Fears Will Starve to Death... On 03/26/18 @ 9pm I had my one on one with @ReadingsByVida. She confirmed everything I had been questioning over the past year to the point of even connecting with my transitioned loved ones & uncovering the time of my birth right before my eyes. I literally was in awe & humbled by my personal experience with her.  R. T. FL

This is just a few words I have for you this am.. 
V, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for what you do, the love and truth, the time and energy you give. It is truly a gift. You are truly a gift. Thank you for sharing yourself, your gift, your thoughts and power with all of us. Thank you for being the Spiritual Guidance Counselor that you are. I’ll be scheduling some time with you when I feel it’s right again. Just wanted to say hi and thank you ❤️ the cars of the day hit me in the Soul and it was exactly what I needed today to get thru the day. No words for how grateful I feel for those words are some days. K.M.

Hello, I hope this email finds you well . I wanted to let you know that you have done several candles for me road openers and a unlimited reading. You confirmed that the house was ours to pray and meditate to stop letting my emotions get in the way. This Friday we closed on our home. We were able to pay in cash no mortgage. I have your money envelope also. Thank you so much!, D. L. Bronx NY

Good Morning Vida, Hope you are doing Amazing! Let me tell you, you are such a blessing. I can't help but love you and see you as a mother figure in a sense. You're exactly what I've always needed. Snaping me back into reality. I've been meditating everyday, trying to keep my thoughts positive. I repeat the afirmation you sent me everytime. I can be very controlling and over think things And get depressed and horrible anxiety but my mind just keeps getting quieter, more positive and I'm going more with the flow. I have never felt more.. like myself again you know... I ordered the money, and abre camino and love mojo envelopes and...I just got hired at this amazing spa and I'm going to be earning so much more, the manager and owner are the nicest people in the world. I start Monday!. I've been loving myself so much more too, like it's like this rush of confidence and self love has entered me and just changed my entire mind set. People are suddenly extra nice, just blessings on top of blessings.Thank you so much for everything vida, I send you peace and love and blessings. I am So grateful for you. Hope you have a beautiful vacation. Thank you for all that you do. M.P. FL



Great Rising Vida, I wanted to share some gratitude for You and all that you Do!! You do make the difference in people's lives daily, you are loved and you are Magick!! (plus a lot more) 

Thank you for: Being authentic, Compassionate, Love, Healing, Utilization of your Gifts, Education, Spiritual Products , Creativity, Time, Holding Space, Sharing pieces of your story, process and experience, Humor & Smile. Love. E. R. PA

Good Afternoon Vida ☺,I understand. Jeeze... I've realized how critical and controlling I've become over things but i didn't realize how much... and im the first person to tell people to let go and be present, have faith, i even highly recommend the book the power of now , my instagram is all positive messages and here i am not even taking my own advice lol.  🙈I grew up catholic but stop going to church a long time ago too much energy in there it drains me, i feel like i can feel everyone you know, unless it's empty that's when i like it best or i sit out in nature. So after sometime got into meditation and crystals and candles and everything because it kept me sane and connected me back after my grandma passing,my divorce, and my mom battling cancer i think that just rattled me and i needed control so i turned into spirituality but ive become even controlling of that doing to much and not just letting things happen.I grew up getting my cards read sense i was little but i had no idea i couldn't read my own i started reading my own cause everytime i went nothing ever added up but i understand what you mean how when you read your own interpretation isn't accurate.  Im visiting my mom now for her b-day so im taking everything you are saying and implementing it. Going to work on just being. Thank you for everything you're a blessing in my life. So glad i found you. Hope you have an amazing day. M.P., FL


Vida, I’ve had lots of time to reflect on our reading (two months ago).  I feel I have made huge leaps regarding closure on my last relationship. The next day after our reading my ex contacted me from a number I did not recognize. I was able to tell him this was the end. I blocked him and told him to never reach out to me again. I was stern and clear as I had never been in the past. 
I do have to admit I had not written sooner because i did not follow through with of writing what I am grateful for. I will start all over again to keep my word. BTW, i see 33, 303, 333 allllll the time (angel numbers! I just want to thank you for helping me in my time of need. You have made a difference in my life. I’m looking forward to another reading. Also, i ordered the money mojo like one or two months ago and i was getting money even before i got it in the mail!! C.P. FL

I have to let you know that I had purchased the healing mojo envelope for my son and I feel like today there was finally a breakthrough. It was not in the way I would have preferred but then again that is not up to me and I get that (everything has its purpose and everyone has their own life path/journey). We finally have answers. I had my suspicions of what he was suffering from by doing my own research but I always hoped and prayed I was wrong and that he'd get better.  Today he discovered he has an illness and finally felt relief because although it exists at least he knows now what it is and that he can receive medication and/or professional help for it. Knowing is half the battle. We still need a medical diagnosis but the symptoms are clear as day. It is a relief that he not only discovered it on his own but that he accepts it, is ok with it and we can move forward from there. He had been praying and meditating with the envelope as well as wrote intentions on it. So I want to thank you for making the mojo envelopes and for owning and honoring your calling. We obviously need people like you. I enjoy reading other people's testimonials as well, they have encouraged me to make my own purchases. Blessings to you and your family. Thank you and Be well. R.C. NH

An update from the 6 day personalized spell work you did for me.... around the 4th or 5th day. I started to feel exhausted and not well. It turned into a 3 day fever. And then sinus congestion, loss of voice, and a cough that didn’t seem to go away. I am finally feeling better! And that was over a month ago!!!  I clearly needed to release as I was the only one in my family to get sick! And, may I remind you that I have a 6 year old and 9 year old that pick every germ up. Plus a boyfriend that slept with me every night and didn’t get it. It was of spiritual nature. Since the 6 day work you did for me, my partner has grown HUGELY! (As have I) We are communicating more and clearer, he has said and done things that have literally made my jaw drop because I can’t believe it. I need to hold myself together because I’m jumping inside like a little girl! Lol
I’m continuing to do my work. Praying and meditating and journaling. And, I continue to clearly see the soul growth. I cannot express how much gratitude I have for you. I consider you my teacher and guide in this life. So much love ❤️  C.S., Canada

As a professional psychic medium, I am very selective when choosing services and I do not usually obtain readings from others.  I found Vida through a mutual friend and OMG am I grateful for the referral!
It was my first time exploring Hoodoo work and I can say this wholeheartedly, Vida is the REAL DEAL.  If you are looking to experience something different that may just "blow you away", then I recommend trying one of her candle readings.  She is beautiful, talented, as well as accurate, clear and concise with her messages.
If you have not experienced The Almighty Pineapple, now is the time.
Blessings and abundance, Motherella

***Follow up: but truly YOU do deserve this message.  I have been doing this for over a decade and have never had such an amazing experience.  I have already referred several people to you for your candle work (there is NEVER competition in this world, only learning, experiences and love).  I have encourage the few I have spoken with to take time to write you as well.

Vida, you have given me life again.  After 3 weeks of lack of sleep, I slept like a baby.  Thank you for last night's reading, I slept 6 hours with out my mind racing and without waking up. I was so focused on everyone else that I forgot about me, and I needed that reality check.  Personally readings to me are not reading having a reading with you is talking to the big sister I never had who is also giving you that reality check.  Today I woke up and was thankful for waking up and I took time for myself.  Thank you again for using your gift to help me and other.  Remain BLESSED and YOU!  THANK YOU!!! (yes I am screaming that out loud) LOL Y.R. NYC

 It is very interesting how coming in contact with one person can change your life drastically. I came in contact with Mama Vida through a brother of mine. As I started following her on Instagram, I kept a distance, observing who Mama Vida was and what she was about. She is TRUTH, COMPASSION, and PATIENCE. It was until then that my spirit guided me to purchase a few spiritual vegan cleansing soaps, I truly felt her power and love that she puts into healing the people of this world. As I first cleansed myself with these soaps I felt an energy of love surround me as well as a feather brushing down my back. After I dried up, I went lay down and fell into a deep sense of peace, it was quite therapeutic. She continuously speaks of helping the human race, the animal race, and the environment. And she truly is what she speaks about. As time passed by, spirit kept hinting at me to have a reading with her thru my dreams. Before the reading started she brought my energy at ease, as she explained she felt my nervousness all day which was on point. Readings go as readings go, but my reading with Mama Vida had more depth and information than the readings I've had in the last 5 years. She really tapped into my Soul, saw my abilities, and my tribe of ancestors who stand behind me. I even spoke to my grandmother after my reading with Vida, and my grandmother validated which great grandmother (heavy in the knowledge of brujeria) Mama Vida seen standing behind me. Since the reading, and to the words that Mama Vida speaks, I have embraced who I am and have learned to not to fear what society fails to accept, The Spirit. I have grown tremendously, and I am FOREVER GRATEFUL for what this GODSEND SPIRIT has done for my life. I LOVE YOU NANA FOREVER AND ALWAYS! Thank you, for your continuous sacrifice & work to this realm! Jose Perales - Riverside, CA


Vida has helped me come into my spiritual self, she has taught me to forgive, and she taught me that prayer and meditation is vital in my life in order to be truly connected with my Source and my Team. She helped me realize that self reliance is a must, and that I can do anything as long as I make myself my #1 priority. She is off-the-charts amazing! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get back on track with their life. Stephen Young, Psychic Medium. 

I started following Vida on Instagram in January 2017. When I first caught one of her Lives on IG I was awed and inspired. Her messages (led by Spirit) combined with her personal experiences were very powerful and hit home with many of us who listened. It was sometimes hard to hear and would strike my heart but I kept tuning in. Her strongest message and foundation is Pray & Meditate, or as she calls it "The 1, 2 Combo"... if it wasn't for her constant motivation to practice those two simple steps daily, I think I'd be lost. I've never (in my 40 years on this planet) had anyone in my life drive such powerful messages into my heart before. By May 2017 I decided I needed a mentoring. She was so insightful, kind, and validated so much for me. Her compassion and encouragement led me to where I am today. I can't say enough about Vida.... She packs a fiery passionate punch when she delivers Spirit's messages. Her personal trials and tribulations have brought her so far in this lifetime and when she shares parts of her life with You, you feel it. She has taught me so much... including how Faith works and how to Balance life as well as my ego & pride. Again, with her tireless and diligent efforts, she has struck many hearts and has helped many many people, including myself. I cannot thank this woman enough for everything she has done for me personally. She is and always will be my Favorite Bruja ❤❤❤ T.K. Canada

I was following Vida for a while before I finally had the courage to reach out. I had gone through my divorce of 17 years, moved back in w my parents, my sister is battling Leukemia and at the time she spent a year in the hospital. Then, the rock my general my dad passed. Heart broken and feeling alone I wasn't sure I was doing anything right with no help from the immediate family.  I finally called after a week or so from the funeral and scheduled my reading .. I couldn't believe how great the reading was I was praying and nervous all day. I was surprised we laughed so much and then, even dad came through it took me aback I didn't think he would be the one to come through. I had tears of joy. I took notes and I'm so happy it's still a work in progress but I've come such a long way since the reading. I learned very quickly how not alone I am. I have a new circle of friends and a fantastic relationship we ain't perfect but we work and you were so right he is a great guy and I'm not controlling the situation he is working on his time not mine and it's beautiful.I've gotten many of her products and I love em especially the bath bombs put me in a relaxed state. I thank spirit everyday she confirmed so much for me.. Thank u Vida you are amazing w your team both spirit and your family.  Orlena (aka Lena)

“Vida is more than just a mentor, a bruja, a psychic medium.. Vida is my adopted mother.. She is Vida.. which in Spanish means life. Vida to me is like the oracle in the movie “The Matrix”. she is a guide, she tells me what I need to know, at the exactly time that universe needs me to grow. Vida has read me, mentored me and once in a while checks in on me. She my mommy. I used to believe that I was going “Koo Koo for cocopuffs” aka crazy because I didn’t embrace my own abilities. if there is one thing I have learned through Vida is where I need healing, what my souls purpose and life mission is.. I use her soaps to help cleanse me everyday (which are Fucking amazing! Almighty pineapple Gang!) as I myself am evolving and growing. I have embraced my self and learned to take life as a journey to be enjoyed, both the good and the bad, Duality.. Vida knows me spiritually, to her I am not just another customer. To Vida I am one of her kids and she tells me shit straight when I need it. I am forever grateful for Mommy Vida. Ever since I had my reading and mentoring session, my life has changed and transformed.. a large part of it because of what the spirits say through Vida but as mommy says, “you can pray and meditate, you can listen to everything she says but if you have to have faith first..” Vida truly is a blessing on earth. 
Gerardo Moreno Lopez “Phoenix”
San Francisco, California

I have been following readingsbyvida on Instagram for about a year best thing that happened for me. It has been a tough year divorce, having to sell my family home, and deal with a not so nice soon to be ex!! Vida your posts have truly inspired me to look to my higher power for guidance and never give up. I'm in California, I hope one day soon I can find a way to have a reading...thank you for your guidance and teachings!! Gina Livia 

If you are looking for someone to deliver a reading with sparkles and fluff, look somewhere else. If you want in your face honesty but done with directness and love, Vida is your gal. She won't sugarcoat what your guides/spirit/team are trying to convey, if your team needs you to hear it.....she will tell you how it is. My reading was life changing. Yes, LIFE CHANGING. Her words of strength resonated to my core. The message from spirit and elementals gave me hope and insight to who I am .....who my soul is and how to nurture my true self. At the conclusion of my reading I felt as though a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders, that I was no longer contaminated and weighed down by negativity and darkness. I was on a universal high for weeks and I loved it. Thank you Vida!   Jolene Cecil , Nebraska 

On August 2016, I embarked on a journey of self-healing, with many prayers I felt the need to look for help.  I found Reiki by chance and even though it did a lot for me, I still felt lost but the desire was there. My best friend tagged me on a video through IG and it was Mrs. Vida’s Monday video. (At the time her IG page was public) The way she spoke and how passionate her words were, I knew I had found a great teacher. To me a teacher is not the one who shows you the way but the one who makes you work for it, so you can find your own way with guidance and tough love.  That’s what she is. Her lives are so intense with so much life knowledge and lessons; it showed me how humble she is and how strong she has been throughout her life. I lived so many bad experiences to the point that I lived my everyday life with no direction and hopelessness and I needed help desperately because I needed to stand strong for my two small children as well. I needed guidance and I was hooked with the Monday Video. Her lives always helped me and that’s how I learned “One and Two Combo”, “Pray and Meditate” trust and believe THAT WORKS. Always be grateful no matter how little you have because that little is more than enough.  First and most, she always advises and motivates Self-Love and always, always follow your intuition and speak to your “TEAM”. Her mentoring session was amazing and even so she scolded me told me that I needed rest because I was not taking care of myself, she was extremely right on that one and “don’t forget that they were there with you in your darkest days, helping you” that hit a personal nerve because she was right, when I felt that my world was ending, when I felt so utterly alone something beautiful would always happen to show me that “THEY” were there, Mrs. Vida reminded me of that, "DONT FORGET". I haven’t done a personal reading but I can only imagine how intense it could be. Her 7-Day Candle Readings on her altar are always on point. Incredible force and I can’t thank her enough for how much she has helped me. I have purchased many of her products and I love all of them. Even my mother is in awe and grateful to the fact that she has seen positive changes in me that now she wants to try Mrs. Vida’s products. It has been a year since I embarked on this journey and I am grateful that my prayers were answered when I saw her Monday Video. Mrs. Vida, you are changing lives for the better, Thank you Mrs. Vida! Yeila del mar Silva

I wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my soul, with every fiber of my being! The last year of drastic change, adjustment and realizations were much easier to deal with once I prayed and meditated. The 1-2 combo works for literally everything, more than anything ive ever done before. Believing and having faith has shaped my life in such a light. Dreams and goals are falling into place. Hard work is paying off and so many incredible questions/thoughts ive had are being answered/confirmed on the daily.The first time "open your presents" card popped up last week, I almost started crying tears of joy! Something hit me with this crazy force that a smile beamed from ear to ear.On Wed the August 2nd I had 2 incredible interviews that had basically fallen into my lap. One was a retail management job w/ better hours & pay. The other was to start apprenticing at a shop! I believe "open your presents" flew out on Thursday August the 3rd.. After watching that daily card video I went to work and broke the news to my manager that I was looking for employment elsewhere. Just after doing so, I got THE MOST INCREDIBLE NEWS EVER! I was asked by the shop owner (who is the sweetest thing ever) when I could start!! I have dreamt of being a tattoo artist since I can remember. I practically live, breathe, eat and sleep thinking about tattoos. Every day I envision the time I finally achieve that dream! Its finally happening and I literally just want to explode with excitement, gratitude and thanks!!  The: Road Opener candle, Unconditional Love candle, Protection spray, Happiness and Love Mojo envelopes , Money Mojo envelopes ( both the stolen one & its replacement <3 ), Sage soap, Daily guidance, Advice & love, Many mantras...Ive gotten over the last year and the many other things ill receive from you in the future...I thank you for all the energy, good intentions and love you put into what you do. I feel my life this year is a huge testimonial of your products/services. Life truly is what you make it! Belief, faith and hard work go a long way! You have made me rethink how to approach most situations. Even how to process what happens without flipping out (good or bad)ALL OF THESE THINGS <3 I feel so full of love from every which way! SO much love for my team, my spirit fam and my spirit mama (aka you)! <3 You seriously are the most amazing force-filled bruja ive ever crossed paths with! Your realness is everything and if I could give you the biggest hug in the world right now, I so would! I just wanted you to know you truly changed my life <3. E.H. Liverpool, NY

Because I followed your guidance from our last reading my husband is finally FREE from life parole!!! I can not thank you enough!!! I am so grateful that god put in my path!!! Thank you thank you so much. I am in tears! Fyi I sent you that pineapple crystal ornament in appreciating for all you do!🤗 lol Enjoy your day Mama Vida you are the motha effing bomb! M.V. Yonkers, NY

Hi Vida, I just wanted to update you on my dads test results. He has stage 2 fibrosis of the liver (not cirrhosis thankfully-- you AND the doc both said a lifestyle change is necessary). His liver is still in a place where further damage is preventable. You said it first, but his doc told him to eat more plant based and she even said that patients find relief through CBD and medical marijuana!!! Just like you suggested, the CBD! I just wanted to give you a quick update and thank you for your guidance. It's much appreciated and although he is hard headed as hell, he is ready to change his lifestyle, work with his team, and get to the root of some emotional blockages / issues in order to heal emotionally and physically.. all of his own free will! L.H. Chicago, IL

Hey Vida,Last year I had a teaching session with you regarding dreams and tuning into my intuition. Anyway I put into practice everything you told me, I now do yoga daily,amethyst is always nearby and I have started writing a book as a way to process the abuse I suffered as a child and into adulthood and I have set up a listening service for others who have suffered in a similar way to me. I wrote down all the positive changes I have made in this last year and there are a jaw dropping 10 things on the list, many of which I never ever imagined including stopping eating meat and dairy. I wanted to thank you because I know without question that you are the real deal. I was going through a difficult period when we spoke and I encountered two other “alleged mediums” one of which said incredibly damaging and untrue things and if I wasn’t a stronger women, may have broken me entirely. So you were right, I really did remember the “crazy tattoo lady” 😆 I have started to see my empath nature as a blessing not an awful curse. You do good in the world and should be proud of your work. I will come back to you again next year for another session. All the best for 2018 T. from the U,K.

Vida, Thank you for my reading. I just want to send you a super quick email that you were so right in your reading. I started moving forward with things like "unpacking my suitcase" and speaking to my father about my other dad and finding the truth. I must say my confidence has sparked since talking with you. My father is completely ok with me seeking out my bio dad. Praise God. I will start my 30 days of gratitude in a journal on the 1st however I have been waking up in the morning and saying 3 reasons I'm grateful for. I am getting more in touch with my team with each day that passes and that inner voice, while still subtle, it is raised from the death I made it die. I brought the crystals in I had hidden as you recommended and I saged them as well. So many, beyond so many things have come completely full circle while unpacking that suitcase. I have come across a plethora of things that have validated our whole conversation. I hid those crystals, but I hid all my angels as well. It's amazing how much I was suppressing my own inner voice and thanks to you I have grown in ways I didn't even know existed (And I know everything!! Just a joke).  Validating every single thing we spoke about in various ways. Thank you Vida! You saved my life and you have sparked that fire I have been pouring water on for years. I am so beyond grateful for you and your divine ability to do what you do. I am still going through things, however I have no doubt I have jumped back on the path that was made for me.  I am in the pursuit of seeking validation from the place I never knew I needed it from and because of you and vividly aware that I don't need it from other places. Thank you and your team for everything. Sending much love today, and I'll send more as things unfold. Until then, I'm sending you the biggest hug because words just don't explain my gratitude as immensely as I mean it. Sincerely & forever grateful, J.U. from New Jersey

Good Morning Vida

   Took me over a day to truly process everything that was said and guided by spirits in my reading with you! Universe truly did send you here to help souls like me. I’m glad I came across you and patiently waited for our reading. I haven’t felt more relieved and alive before. You are very comforting and truly amazing to read me like an open book. You knew exactly what to say and how to say for me to truly understand where&what all I need to work on and how important self love is. Thank you so much for your confirmation and with your guidance I made a promise to myself to be a better version of me that I know I can be so I can get to where I want to be. I’m praying and sending you nothing but good vibes all the way from Cali! I’ve opened myself up to my spirits and angels to guide me and I thank you for helping me get on the right path to help me with my spiritual journey and life! 🙏🏽 🙌🏾💕

Mamá Vida. 

This Cho Ku Rei 7 chakra pendant is LIT. I have scoliosis & osteoarthritis throught my body & spine & have noticed I am standing straighter as well as have decreased pain throughout my body. Between my Mini Orgone pendant & Cho Ku Rei Green Aventurine Orgone pendant have me feeling centered & calm/peaceful & not so anxious. I absolutely LOVE these pieces & wanted to thank you for all of the time, energy, love, light, blessings & attention you put into all you do for me & The Pineapple Gang.  Bless you for being you & for doing all that you do. You are respected, appreciated & loved more than you know. Love you Lady!!! #PineappleGangForLife🍍 #☝🏽✌🏽Combo #PUSH #AllHailTheMightyPineapple🍍 #MyFavoriteBruja🔮


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